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By Anonymous
I just watched a couple of streams of this game, and this person seems to not have a specified gender.Yesterday, one streamer played a male character and talked to Anri, and Anri had a female voice. Today, I watched a streamer play a female character and Anri had a male voice. Maybe the gender of Anri is "opposite of the player", rather than specified?
By Anonymous
I'm playing a female character and my husband is playing a male character. For me, Anri is male, for my husband, Anri is female. So just from our two playthroughs, I am guessing Anri is the opposite gender of the player character.
By Anonymous
They're one half of the key to the third ending.
By Anonymous
I'm guessing that you have to find and NOT kill Horice when you aggro him at the Smoldering Lake? Cause I just went to Darkmoon Tomb and well...
By Anonymous
this npc can be summoned also for Pontiff sulyvahn
By Anonymous
Horace in the Catacombs, and continuing the quest:After talking to Anri before the boss in the Catacombs, cross the bridge and swing at the ropes on either end as the mass of skeletons come across their weight will make it collapse.The bridge then turns into a ladder, climb down it.Horace is located in the area below, he will be aggressive - if you want to continue the quest line do not kill him, simply find him and turn around, run back to Anri and report of his where abouts.I do not know what happens from here, this is as far as I've come in the quest line.
By Anonymous
this is wrong.. if you don't kill Horace, Anri will be dead at the tomb. And also, The curia quest line will be over since Anri would die. "if you want to continue the quest line" is very misleading.
By Anonymous
They said themself they didn't know what happens afterward. One would normally assume reuniting them to be the right way to complete the questline without outside knowledge of the quesst
By Anonymous
Thanks for the false info, now I have to wait until ng+ or make new character.
By Anonymous
If you don't kill Horace, Yuria will disappear and the questline will be over.
By Anonymous
I didn't kill Horace and Yuria was still there. Anri showed up at the church bonfire and said he/she found Horace. I killed Pontiff sullyvan (boss) went to firelink and talked to Yuria and I could still do the marriage. (I didn't interact with the assassin).
By Anonymous
When Anri shows up at the church bonfire in Irithyll, attack the human statues in the corner of the room she/he's in. You'll find that one of them is a chameleon'd pilgrim, the one who would eventually kidnap Anri for the usurpation of fire ending. To trigger this scene you must be on the path to that ending. Killing this pilgrim nets you the chameleon spell, and allows you to continue Anri's questline. Continuing, go up to Anor Londo and open the big door, where you'll find a summon sign next to a prism stone. You use that sign to enter Anri's world and help her defeat Alrdritch. Black crystal out if she's close to dying, but there's no downside to you doing so. Afterwards, go talk to Ludleth, who will give you her sword. Finally, go back to where Horace died at the Smouldering Lake for a surprise.
By Anonymous
Fun time with Anri in a cave. What more could you want?
By Anonymous
I need to mention that doing this will NOT get you the Usurpation of Fire ending, as Yuria denounces the pact between the two of you and leaves the shrine.
By Anonymous
So what is the surprise?
By Anonymous
What does your hollowing level need to be for the assassins part?
By Anonymous
5 i guess ... you need to have spoken with Yuria of londor ...
By Anonymous
At least 16 I think, you need to have got the 5 free levels from Yoel of Londor, and he only gives those at certain hollowing levels
By Anonymous
Is the quest worth a *****? If not I'm going to kill them to get that sword early
By Anonymous
you can summon her and Horace for a few bosses, and her quest is for a hidden ending, if you don't need help and aren't going for the ending the only thing you will miss Is the "evil eye ring" "chameleon", and anything yuria sells, whether or not these are worth it is up to you.
By GabehSilva
The description is kinda ambiguous.Do i have to kill him to continue her questline?
By Anonymous
Provided you don't mention where he is am unsure of whether it affects. Killed him but didn't tell her the location on my file so will see
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