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Its found underneath the tower the fire breathing dragon sits on on hihgwall of lothric, in a mimc chest.
Does dark damage.
Can say this much. +3 with sword art active fully charged r2 did 400s Follow up did 500s
It's just a Dark infused Battle Axe.
Are axes in this game as bad as they are in the others? In terms of Pvp anyways?
axes are very strong in ds2
others? bruh do you even ds2 bandit axe?
Axes in DS 3 are just not good for PVP cause***** range no hyper armor. Thrall axe is the only good axe in the category if you want to pvp with. Axes.
Honestly, if you want to use an axe, go ahead, as long as your weapon isn't completely rubbish you can make it work, I honest love the idea of swinging an axe, chopping my foes apart. Nerf or no nerf.
Axes are good in darksouls2 pvp
for real he was looking for an axe the whole game
Tbh, not liking the variety of axes in this game, if anything greataxes are the best and have very good damage. Might as well go greataxes if you're building strength right?
Anyone on ps4 have a spare dragonslayers axe. Hit me up: ankator11
Both axes and hammer class weapons don't interrupt enemy attacks in PvP, have lower swinging speed and moderate damage when compared to spam-swords, and to top it all they don't have hyper armor on their attacks making them trade inefficiently with already mentioned swords and other weapons. Hyper armor on R2s would have been nice at least.
They can do well in PvP, but only if you land a parry or if your opponent is backed into a corner. In other cases, you are just handicaping yourself.
Very true. I played with dragon slayer axe. Did good damage but swords curved swords always. Tend to come out on top. The***** range and no hyper armor makes it bad. Maces are better because of the hyper armor.



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on PVE: the milwood battle axe does 50 more damage than the broadsword and about +100 more damage per second than the lothric knight sword (on the same use of stamina).

this might have been different in may.2016 :)
seriously though just leave, mate. the *****in straight swords are better, still ***** tho mate. Try the thrall axe you scrub.
Git gud, dark sword scrub.
No whips are easily the worst and at least some axes can easily stun lock
Whips are easily the worst huh? Lol I run a whip build my self and can hit 513 damage to people from range so I'm not taking any hits myself and the weopon art deals tons of damage and slows stamina regeneration and whips go through shields also no one ever uses whips so none of my opponents know how to dodge it
axes may not be overpowered (most of the stuff sucks) the thrall axe for example can decipate all kinds of ***** if you use it right, dragonslayers axe has good lightning damage for a light weapon and anything else here can be made useful if you know what your doing
millwood battle axe works pretty well for me. i don't understand why people are ragging on the axes so much.