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By Anonymous
Do you guys think that the new axe shown in the 5 minutes gameplay trailer is going to be better than the man serpent hatchet or just having a new weapon art?
By Anonymous
Use warcry + uncharged R2 to annihilate every foe in pvp. You even have hyper poise to trade with UGS - Users or stop the R1 - Spammers in this game. Millwood Axe is especially good for countering spammy or very resilient adversaries.
By Anonymous
axes and maces got no love in the dlcs. at least axes got one new one in the dlc, but it is basicly just the battle axe with a slightly different warcry and better str scaling. maces didn't even get a new weapon in the dlcs.
By Anonymous
"axes didn't get anything" "except one with an*amazing* warcry and better scaling"
By Anonymous
where does it say what else you need besides souls to upgrade weapons
By Anonymous
I pity these sorry souls which think that axes are useless.
By leoknight
a friend told me LKS was the best weapon ever.... he read it on the internet!
I told him get the milwood battle axe! :D

PS: the straight swords got nerfed ... I dont get why people still would be in favor of LKS.
Even my beloved broadsword got worse.^^
By Anonymous
and so it is
By Anonymous
well let me axe you all a question. where would I find a second axe at the beginning?
By Anonymous
Underneath the Wyvern that spews flames at High Wall of Lothric, beware, it's in a mimic chest though.
By Anonymous
You can also get a great-axe from farming a random large hollow dude with an axe. Though, since that's a great-axe and not an axe I don't know if that counts.
By Anonymous
Axes and hammers looks useless in pvp because of their high skill cap. Once mastered tho, there's really no way to punish them. Either hope they screw up or git gud.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Best axe? Currently using executioners sword because at one point my battle axe wasn't competing (first time playing btw)
By Anonymous
Dragonslayer axe or millwood, both very good
By Anonymous
Don't use executioners sword
By Anonymous
Milwood Battle Axe = imma outa here
By Anonymous
Best weapon class right here