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30 faith,and 30 fp cost.Found in the plataform in the chapel in the toxic swamp, next to the mimic and hand-head giant( droping from the roof next to the withe gargoyle flaming hammer wielding sorcerer required).

Sunlight blade (30 faith, 38 fp cost)confirmed along with dragon form (full body in one stone, looks a bit silly)in the latria-prision level

Please delete this message when the game is fully explored and all the precise data found in this wiki, for this is just a little effort to saciate miracle lovers and post early information from the japanese release.
whats ligning blade then?
also seems like blessed blade is chill af's%20Holy+Sword look
thank you i was worried after not hearing about this miracle. =)
Keep your bugs away from me! I think this group of spells will encourage more folks to start as clerics.
is found in boreal valley, in the bog under the great bridge, shortly before one reaches the Distant Manor bonfire.

25 faith, 75 FP
Boreal Valley, given by Onion Knight in his "house". Backtrack from Distant Manor bonfire to sewers, go through them to his hiding spot.

18 faith, 20 FP
It's droped by the giant worm right before the Old Demon King's room.
My bad, it's actually the Lightning Stake (playing in Japanese).
melee miracle
22 faith
1 slot
25 FP look cool
magic barrier
15 faith
1 slot
30 FP
great magic barrier
25 faith
2 slots (weird)
45 FP
28 faith
2 slots
65 FP
Sunlight Spear confirmed, you can exchange the Soul of the Last Boss for it.
can anyone confirm if sacred oath truly reduces damage by 50% and boosts damage by 30%? seems stupid broken if it's as described.
I heard someone tested it several times only to find that both values are set at a flat 10 percent increase.