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Soul spear (40 fp cost, 36 int)and homing soulmass confirmed, logan staff (in shape and form) confirmed.
Ladies and gentlemen, for 45 intelligence, 60 focus and 2 attunement slots you can fire a giant laser the size of Smough hammer.

Sorcerers of the world, jubilate....
Sounds cool,do you know its name or where it can be found?
but when shown on youtube it hits like a noodle


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he is the main sorceries person he is right before the crystal sage boss


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Is Pestilent Mercury the new Lifedrain Patch?
I sure hope so, rejoice in killing world masters :D
"Sorcery developed by a certain surreptitious sorcerer at Vinheim Dragon School."
"Distracts foes with a distant sound."
"The sound carries with it a strangely infectious resonance that may cause one to stray from their post and expose their back."
FP Cost - 15, 1 Attunement Slot, and requires 18 Intelligence
No Dark Bead? :/
please no! that spell is pure PTSD
We're still looking... It's to soon to say that everything is here already.
No Dark Fog or Dark Orb neither from the looks of it...really loved those spells.
Magic sucks in this game, the cast time is too slow and you can't hit anything
Did you up your dex? That has casting speed
I am 12 hours in and while it's not a walk in the park - it is definitely doable with a bit of early grinding.. Just passing the thrall section now in the farm. But we will see if it's sustainable. Def need more spells
this dome asshat sounds like a filthy liar. 40 dex + cast speed ring and great heavy soul arrow takes 2 or 3 seconds to cast. Might as well just use pyromancies since they are faster and hit an area, albeit for a bit more FP. Soul spear is laughable as it does only 20 more damage for me at almost 3 times the cost of a great heavy soul arrow. The most basic soul arrow deals less than half the damage but takes half the casting time (still not fast enough though). The soul dart spells are fast but deal a pathetic ~15 damage without staggering.
Your best bet is to just switch to pyromancy, get the biggest exploding fire orb (bed vestiges), hope they ***** up their roll so you can hit with it. You'll still do far less damage at much more effort than say some dude swinging an axe.
yes but the difference is barely noticeable, the game is too fast paced for solo ranged to be reasonably viable
Dome says 45 Dex is almost cast with no time. I am trying to get that.
How about bows then?
(Side note, forgot password so using Guest)
So, to anyone who may know, iv'e seen several videos from the *** release as well as footage from people who have the complete game

The new magic system works so once you have the spell, you can cast it as many times as you want (that your FP will allow of course)
In saying this, i also noticed you can buy and find more of the same spell....... but you only need to equip it once.

So will equipping it twice ( two soul arrows attuned) give benefits for taking another slot? Like damage increase, or reduced mana cost?

Hopefully someone knows because its been bugging me and i have to wait 11 more days!

Thanks, that's sad to know... bit strange there are copies. Not sure why they would have put them in.. maybe its more for a lore thing. Wouldn't make sense for two sorcerer merchants not to sell lower Sorceries
Nope. Using more copies of the Same spell is pointless
No clue where to get that one. Maxed out the Merchants still not showing up...
It's a rank up for Aldrich Faithful.