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By Anonymous
or basically you just forgot to obtain Wolf Ring +2
By Anonymous
Elden Ring?
By Anonymous
in hindsight, it seems they were really scared of making rings feel impactful.
besides a few outliers like the prisoners chain, they’re all kind of negligible.
By Anonymous
life could be a dream... then again theres also this achievement
By Anonymous
i have all rings but didnt get the achievement. i counted several times and compared to the list. does anyone know what might have gone wrong?
By mrbartinio
You need all the upgraded versions too. Also if you chose life ring as starting gift, then you must buy it from shrine handmaid too.
By Anonymous
Do I need DLC rings for achievement??
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Where is the elden ring
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I just sold the normal variant rings thinking I didn't need them for this achievement
By Anonymous
As long as you've received it before you're fine.
By Anonymous
Guys, do I need to have all rings on one character to get trophy? Because I have wolf's ring and ring of obscurity on other character
By Anonymous
Yes you need all of them at once, if it didn't work try to have your character carry all of them with non in the chest
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