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By Anonymous
from watchdogs cov its +2
By Anonymous
It actually restores after a certain number of successful strikes
By Anonymous
Found a ring with a gold band and a green gemstone in it, it's in japanese so i can't make it out but it has FP and HP in capitals in the lettering.
By Anonymous
Dusk crown ring. ***.
By Anonymous
It increases the range of bows. I got from accidentally killing an npc
By Anonymous
If you go to same NPC late game, it is sitting next to his dead (by other means) body. The giant in the tower.
By Anonymous
Found it in the room with the big coffin after the hallway where you fight Gwyndolin in DS1.Its in a chest hiding in the dark in the back right corner."Causes males to perform female actions, and vice-versa"
By Anonymous
Just picked it up, good find. Just note that the hallway is hidden by an illusory wall.
By Anonymous
I cracked up when I saw a streamer find that ring
By LoveBerserker
This is confirmed, I saw some streamers use it.It only switches gendered animation though, nothing else.
By Anonymous
If a ring breaks in ds3 can you repair it
By Anonymous
Knight's Ring: found in Lothric Castle between Dragon Barracks and Dragonslayer Armor bonfires (not 100% sure) - "Increases Strength"Great Swamp Ring: Dropped from a large crab in the swamp near Halfway Fortress bonfire in Road of Sacrifices - "Boosts Pyromancies"Dark Stoneplate Ring: Do not remember location - "Increases dark damage absorption"Lingering Dragoncrest Ring (I am not sure if this is represented by the "Young Dragon Ring"): Do not remember location - "Extends length of spell effect"Lightning Clutch Ring: Do not remever location - "Increases lightning attack but compromises damage absorption"
By Anonymous
Some rings are +1 in NG+ modes, and I assume go farther than that in subsequent NGs. It is worth noting that some rings don't seem to have a +1 variety. You also cannot stack two of the same ring, whether it is a +1 and a +0, two +1, two +0, etc. etc. The resistance rings have +1s. The ring that gives more souls and the ring that increases estus use do not have +1s.
By Anonymous
Which boss soul exactly do we need to exchange.
By Anonymous
gundyr the champion, dark shrine
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