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By Anonymous
These are way too fun to use. I have em on a Thorfinn cosplay alongside a bunch of throwing knives and their damage is really good (sharp build 54 dex). Roll catches for days with the R1 and awesome L1 combos. Just be careful of one thing: never press L1 three times against a player, the third one is parriable out of hitstun.
By Anonymous
I want your opinions, these or caestus for melting people in PvP with enchants? Damage, roll catches, perserverence vs. quickstep, what would you go for overall. I'm leaning toward these for their R1>L1>L1, but I'm torn because of how useful a quick perserverence is.
By Anonymous
a weapon for junior radahn
By Anonymous
Pathetic base damage plus pretty good scaling and a second weapon equals excellent DPS and a surprisingly fun and capable PVP weapon for a dex build. Give it a try!
By Anonymous
Planning on doing a brigand roleplay.
How's this and the brigand axe on a refined build?
By Anonymous
Budget Bloodborne on PC: Use this weapon while running cheat engine in the background to set global speed to something like 1.15x. It's really fun, trust me
By Anonymous
Make sure you are in offline lmao
By Rykami
Just did a pontiff+old wolf sword Regen build and I can say that with quickest, one of the fastest dps in the game and high critical damage, they make great weapons for quick dps builds
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