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By Anonymous
is it just me, or do these sound like the bloodborne weapon, I mean, it lets you quickstep, like in bloodborne, and it will probably be very fast, so this is basically the Blades of Mercy 2.0
By Anonymous
I'm ok with this.
By Anonymous
I might finally make my Yuuki Terumi Build!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Tried a Refined Gem on my +4 Brigand Twindaggers.Scaling goes up, but my damage (both base and the "+X" from scaling) go down.I have both STR and DEX 20.So, maybe my weapon is bugged? Anyone else got this?
By Anonymous
looking at them in my game the scaling goes up only one tier regardless of the gem I use (so much for sharp twindaggers :( ) and thus the scaling gains is marginal compared to the decrease in base damage it gets, at least unless your stats are rather high
By Anonymous
Very weak dagger. It stacks status effects fast though.
By Anonymous
Fire infusion seemed to increase the physical damage of this weapon while still adding fire damage
By Anonymous
It must be broken or bugged, it deals almost NO damage at all
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
The 2 biggest reasons to use these after testing for a bit. Having 2 dodges/gap closer and the ability to stunlock for a really long time since it doesnt use much stamina.
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