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By 0rion
I used this plus toxic mist and Havel melted in about in 30 seconds
By Anonymous
This dagger is pure bliss, i have it Sharp Infused +10 and it deals over 2000 damage on a full L1 combo, i don't have the DLCs otherwise i would test to see if it deals higher damage than Murky Hand Scythe's full dual-handed R1 combo, if someone can test this, please tell me the results in the replies.
By Anonymous
I made a Thorfinn cosplay with these and invaded for a while. It was really fun, fast roll combined with quickstep and fast attacks made me very slippery and gankers had a hard time landing even a single hit on me, and between all the rolls and quicksteps I can still land attacks consistently thanks to the speed of the weapon.
By Anonymous
Step 1: blood gem @@@ Step 2: 40 luck @@@ Step 3: upgrade +10 @@@ Step 4: L1, L1, L1, L1 @@@ Step 5: enjoy :)
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Ol' reliable

That's all i have to say
By GreySkale45
Started my daggers-only run yesterday, and I can safely say I've found my ride-or-die baby. At 25 D*x when Sharp infused, a full 100 stamina bar L1 spam emptied into Crystal Sage for 750 damage without buffs. Trying again with a fire Bundle (phase 2 stunlocked me oof), I did ~1100 damage and STILL HAD SOME STAMINA BEFORE HE TELEPORTED AWAY.

Later on, I killed Vilhelm with them, applying poison resin and then cheesing him with the aggro range tactic to apply it. The L1 spam did around 400 damage without actual damage buffs, and a backstab while he was healing was another 350 damage (still at 25 D*x).

They're like mini Sellswords, and easily the best DPS weapon for a daggers run. I was worried I'd end up just using Bandit's Knife the whole time, but I'm so glad to have the opportunity to break that monotony.
By Anonymous
Scimitar but the moveset isn't dogshit.
By Anonymous
Remember: it's a dagger class weapon. Backstabs and ripostes hurts more than their combos.
By Anonymous
The crit bonus is not really class-dependent (although somehow universally expected from small sneaky weapons), in fact there are a bunch of daggers that don't have it and a handful of non-daggers that do
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