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By Anonymous
The new ravelords oh noooooo-...What do they do though?
By Anonymous
they invade people in cathedral
By Anonymous
You're sure about that ? I heard that it was the "Rosaria's fingers" who allowed you to re-attribute.. Or is it a second one with the same utility ?
By Anonymous
They let you reset your attributes or change your characters appearance
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By ManatuBear
Removed Warning since patch 1.02 fixed the issue (returning to your own world as an invader).
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
These look like the new bellkeepers
By Anonymous
time to do anor londo offline
By Anonymous
just join the convenant and have the thingy equip than summon a phantom and hostiles wont invade and you want me summoned away
By Anonymous
git gud
By Anonymous
...Or kill Aldrich
By Anonymous
If I join this covenant and my friend joins the Watchdogs of Farron will we still be able to summon each other?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
doesn't seem like you can get invaded after you have killed the area boss
By Anonymous
thats how are invaders all work i just farmed my *** off leveled up 12 times and rolled through this area. beautiful
By Anonymous
Another way to get Human Dregs are to farm the Deacons outside of the Pontiff Sulyvahn Boss area.
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