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By Anonymous
actual retards
By Anonymous
Aldriches such * players why would u attack red phantoms or watch while they are ganking It's not a fightclub or a duel ****ing braindeads.
By Anonymous
When the host is ganking with phantoms these guys always show up to even the playing field
By Anonymous
And do nothing
By Anonymous
Doesn't inform us on what the covenant reward is....
By Anonymous
Let's gank the gankers
By Anonymous
much better than trash blade of darkmoon … imagine having to actually kill the invaders to get ears when as an Aldrich faithful u can just watch as the host gets hit by an arrow and fall of the map. Free Human Dregs!!!
By Anonymous
i love the extra challenge this covenant gives you, it makes this tiny little area that much more fun. i also think that it is fitting there are two beasts guarding the covenant area, almost as if you had to prove your strength.
By Anonymous
After getting attacked by the purple boys I decided to just join them. I dont get attacked now… but Im getting strange urge to hit red.. like a bull..
By Anonymous
Red spirits are less than scum. They're absolute roach filth. Killing them is wholesome and good, and makes you a total Chad.
By Anonymous
Anon October 8 is a little too invested in the video game
By Anonymous
lol get a life loser.
By Anonymous
Okay I have to share something. First DS3 playthrough here. My experiences with PvP so far have been... mixed, to put it gently. Okay let's be honest : I get destroyed and humiliated most of the time. The only reason I look into multiplayer is because I want the plat trophy and From decided it was a good idea to link that to obligatory PvP, or hours of painful farming. My first PvP encounters against gods of lag control on one side (not blaming the people who learned to work with it, just... if you want to include PvP in a game, try to make it work ? And I know this'll earn me a number of inevitable "Git guds" and other niceties, but nothing will change my mind about the fact that lag compensation shouldn't be a skill you have to acquire in order to be able to play, let alone be competitive), and me stupidly blurting out things like "that should have hit him" on the other, had me resigning myself to hours of painful non-PvP farming, becquse it still wouldn't take as much time as successfully invading or defending dozens of times. And then I got invaded by two Aldrich Faithful while I was battling the twin NPC Drang after Pontiff Sulyvahn. Went "Well, here goes another humiliation..."
They let me be, watched me duke it out with the two Drang NPC a**holes and didn't interfere. When I finally won, I bowed to them in thanks for not ganking, and they dropped hundreds of embers and champion souls for me and left. Probably enough to double my SL in one go. Couldn't believe it. Actual nice people in PvP.
So to those two of the Aldrich Faithful : as far as I'm concerned, people like you are the ray of light in the otherwise depression and cancer inducing DS3 PvP experience (seriously, I'd rather take my chances with radiation at this point). Especially after reading through this comment thread, which seems to confirm my general opinion about PvP. For the next couple of minutes before the next sweaty gank invasion, you have restored my faith in this community.
So I *Toast Gesture* to you, and Praise the Sun !
By Anonymous
Even invaders serving someone as vile as aldrich shows more empathy and support than hosts. That's how low the community has fallen
By Anonymous
Sunbros moonlighting.
By Anonymous
Here's to hoping the Elden Ring changes to PvP (opt-in PvP as far as I understand it) help steer players away from the grief mentality often found in Dark Souls games. And that behavior like what the OP experienced here becomes much more common.
By Anonymous
This is by far the most fun/easiest covenant to grind for. Not only are the drop-rate for Human Dregs higher than all other covenant items, there are like 7 deacons near pontiff sulyvahin bonfire for easy farming. And thats just for offline, its even easier online, because of the duel arena outside Pontiff Sulvahn, that area is the most active in the game, you will almost always get summoned in less than 3 minutes. Combine that with the fact that its usually three of you and 1-2 of the host's world, the odds favor you. Also, you only need the Rank 1 reward for achievements, so you only need 10 dregs unless you want the staff.

What I don't understand is why From made this covenant so good and made some of the others literal hell to grind through (Darkmoon & Mound-makers).
By Anonymous
Because this covenant is infamous for being part of one of the biggest ganking spots in the game, and From knew this.
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