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By Anonymous
Aldrich invaders dont wash themselves
By Anonymous
Imagine not attacking the host and the other member point down at you when the host kills you lmao.

Online really sucks in Souls games, I just need the stupid covenant items I found this. What a joke.
By Anonymous
Lol, you invade yet you don't attack the host? Get out of our sight you filthy free loader.
By Anonymous
*ugh, im not attacking the host, why do u kill me?" you re just asking to be killed. Can't you see the hosts of embers will always be worse dcks than aldrich himself?
By Anonymous
Imagine complaining about paying the consequences of treason
By Anonymous
It’s impossible to get summoned at a high level without getting ganked
By Anonymous
Anor Londo is called Gank City for a reason
By Anonymous
Just like the watchdogs.F*cking tired of seeing havel every 5 minutes!
By Anonymous
There is always a poise monster with either a chaos lothric sword or a pontiff knight curved sword
By Anonymous
if you work for aldrich you deserve to get ganked, you dumb piece of sh1t, f0ck you and your family.
By Anonymous
guy above me sucks small ****
By Anonymous
Was invaded by 2 of these guys in the area after pontiff. I still have no idea if they were human players or not because they're names were NPC-ish and i just thought they were regular NPC invaders until I saw lag and very much human movement. Killed both of them, miracilously. Since i used the greatsword one guy always rolled through my attacks. Had to parry for once. Glad that worked out
By Anonymous
I'm trying to complete my low sl low weapons run. I'm sl15 with +2 weapons. I was farming stuff in the Undead Settlement. I had the Aldrich Faithful covenant equipped, because I still need to get some Human Dregs. I know that I'm not in the level range for that covenant, but I said to myself that I still could maybe get summoned once in a while. It never happened except today, but I was summoned twice in a row in the Crucifixion Woods instead. There was this kind of fight club going on. The host of ember was really strong and way better than me. When I died I got summoned a minute after in the same area with the same host again.
I would like to understand how can I be summoned in the Crucifixion Woods with the Aldrich Faithful covenant equipped (and I checked twice to make sure of it). I'm playing on PC via Steam, if it changes anything.
Thanks for your time fellow players!
By Anonymous
Step 1: stay in irithyll and don't touch the red eye orb.
Step 2: wait.

If you keep being summoned to crucifixion woods after this, make sure you have aldrich instead of watchdogs equipped.
By Anonymous
the go-to covenant for getting **** and pointed down at by gank squads, dont even bother invading on higher levels
By Anonymous
I’m going to make you fart
By Anonymous
Unfortunately this is true
By Anonymous
you deserve to get ganked in real life if you play for aldrich, stop crying f4gboy
By Anonymous
Aldriches being dumb and hitting walls is just the stupid meme of a stupidier community. Don't be fooled, this covenant is worth your time if you want to fight ganks with allies by your side. Like sunbros, but for invaders.
By Anonymous
Fun fact: every aldrich faithful ive come across as an invader has attacked me after attacking the host.
By Anonymous
I know how weird this is to say, but... I've been reported by so many Chinese Aldrich faithful sweats just because they didn't like the way I was playing. Nothing ever happens though.
By Anonymous
Well how are you playing
By Anonymous
The only way to get banned in DS3 is by tampering with the save e.g. spawning titanite Slabs and then saving over that. Reports, ALL cheats with auto-save off do nothing. That's why everyone just uses Pyre Protecc or Blue Sentinel and blocks any cheaters on Steam which prevents from ever connecting to them, works relatively well and still allows you to have useful mods like Honest Merchant and Wex Dust.
By Anonymous
Okay but why are Aldrich faithful killing other Aldrich faithful and invaders ? Do you get pale tongues from it ? No ? Then why ?
By Anonymous
Aldriches can’t attack each other
By Anonymous
Your probably being attacked by a blue sentinel or the other blue covenant
By souls_enthusiast
nope; sl 50 aldriches are new players and will attack anything in sight
By Anonymous
I remember that whacky time when the homeward miracle boss invasion glitch surfaced and I used it to enter host’s worlds as a glitched Aldrich Faithful who was allied with the hosts like a summon but could attack other faithfuls despite being one myself. Hilarious times man.
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