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By Anonymous
Sickness is real with this Ultra GS in DEX oO
By Anonymous
What is the scaling in DEX on +4 A or B?
By Weyu
I love the animations of this sword, the special chain attack and the parry are both really satisfying. :)
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
If it has the same moveset as the boss then yeah! Great! But otherwise I want the souls thanks, does it have the same moveset? Timings and everything?
By Anonymous
The R2 when two handed attacks exactly in the way that Sif does during his three hit combo, during his boss fight in Dark Souls
By Anonymous
Sword of artorias or Faron's greatsword, decisions decisions. honestly? i'd rather go for the good old artorias blade, feels wrong using the remnant soul of Sif otherwise.
By Anonymous
There's always the ng+ cyclePersonally I'll be making this weapon first, but I'll make the other sword in the ng+ cycle, I think unlike previous souls games, that this game gives you more of a reason to go into the ng+ I heard the enemies drop better things, and there's also ring upgrades like a +1 or 2 ring, so at least we'll have some reason or drive to go into the game cycle again without it getting too repetitive.
By SethDrake
@ArtorilausLaucardiusNo and no! This sword is a "replica" of Artorias sword. Artorias himself never used this sword, and the dagger is not from Ciaran.The Farron legion (Abyss watchers) mimic the wolf fighting style, and is somehow linked with Sif's blood. The dagger is supposed to look lika a dew claw and have no connection to Artorias or Ciaran.
By ArtorilausLaucardius
It's Artorias' sword no matter who says what. Thing is, could the dagger be Ciaran's? I mean, she was kind of a love interest (lore speculated), so she could have gifted this?
By Anonymous
DEX at +4 A or B?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Scaling for +5 C/A. I'm looking forward to meet you in PvP. Now that you can invade and actually help the host I'm going to be a friendly invader :)
By Anonymous
The nerf is coming. This weapon +5 will be a mandatory item in my inventory though. I will both own and hate it. One nerf to its timing could make it useless. there must be something exploitable. Whateves though. If that's the way it's going to be then everyone might as well just get it at the beginning of the game.
By Anonymous
It's really easy to parry though, as you can parry from a 360 degree
By Anonymous
From what i can see when i use it for PVP, not many know when to parry
By Anonymous
The LB (L1) attack is extremely OP and so effective against invaders, npcs. In PvP this will be destructive. This is a PvP sword for the most part.
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