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Love using this, good punish weapon to use, though when i try to roll after my first ground spin, ill sometimes do the overhead slam
Works well against Deacons of the Deep Just spam L1 for results
It helps to throw in the Pontiff's Eye rings (YES, BOTH OF THEM), Chloranthy Ring and Ring of the Evil Eye. Also, use the Old Wolf CS as an offhand and two-hand Farron. Great results.
That's a heavy effing combo. Either you go naked or stack a sh*t ton of VIT
Am i missing something, or does the L1 have a guaranteed combo regardless of if the dagger hits? I've been getting stunlocked like crazy by the spin2win spammers (and i know most users aren't like that)
its supposed to do that lol
it's an ultra greatsword so it will stun you for at least 2 hits regardless of whether the dagger connects or not
i tried this weapon out, absolutely not my type, i kept missing every second attack
Seems like you aren't lagging hard enough
Need to mix L1s with R1s and R2. Had a hart time too until some good souls here explained it to me but then it was like flying through the hordes. Unbelievable gem of a weapon!
If you time your dodges (pve) right, you can keep chaining until your stamina runs out. It's BRUTAL, and it's really cool to do when you're wearing AW's armor set while doing it.
*sets shortcut to legion etiquette* edgy cosplay time
Disappointed the weapon art didn't light it on fire
The fact that when you combo and it doesnt light ablaze like profaned flame is disappointing
Fought the shotel skeletons in catacpmbs of carthus with this weapon and it felt like an epic anime battle, since both of us kept dodging our attacks
I fought the deacons of the deep with this and I felt like a blender
I love weapons like this, ones where you use every, or close to every move in its move set. With the exception of the rolling L1 and the third L1 flippy-attack, I use every one of this weapon's moves about evenly. This is truly a unique and awesome weapon. It pairs nicely with a Refined Lothric Knight Sword when you want to go full try-hard against a toxic gank squad or if your opponent has an ultra. Fairly meta and fun!
on a good connection, the first L1 can be backstabbed if spaced well. the primary issue is that nobody that uses this weapon has an ethernet cable.
5mb wifi user here and I get back stabbed occasionally but the players who do it are always the most skilled ones I fight I don’t think that’s a coincidence
Amazingly good against Ringed Knights. The L1 staggers them, making them seem like idiots. Very good if you’re on a dex build and looking for a stagger weapon.