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By Guest
The stats for Sharp are false. You don't get a CA you get an EA
By Anonymous
It's in the game
By Anonymous
Love it.
By Anonymous
The Legend never dies...

He will return....


Ok, probably not but maybe in elden ring...
By Anonymous
Still a beast even with lower range and stunlock capabilities than it had in ds1. I would even dare to say that is is still the best ugs in ds3 and here is why. It has 2nd highest damage of all ultra greatswords after the greatsword, but the damage difference is not that high to choose greatsword over zweihander. Zwei has much better moveset which includes 2h r2 attacks straight from ds1 and a better version of stomp weapon art. Yes, it is still not the best moveset (farron ugs is by far the best ugs in terms of moveset in my opinion, but farron has lower damage and is not buffable or infusable). It has also amazing hyperarmor and looks absolutely stunning. Absolute beast, would use it again and again
By DemonsSoulsMaster
FUGS has higher ar at 66 str while two handed, it has thrust attacks, it does strike damage, it has longer range, and it can actually be used as a shield in a pinch. That’s my two cents.
By Anonymous
why is this thing not the BEAST it was in DS1 it was the best UGS in DS1... what happened to the legend? he never dies... ELDEN RING DONT LET ME DOWN
By Anonymous
It still is the best ugs. It has high damage, amazing moveset with actually useful R2 attacks straight from DS1, can be buffed and infused, and it looks very cool despite its smaller size than in DS1
By Anonymous
^ It’s definitely not the best. But it is still top tier.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
I’m sorry but HOW IS THIS THE BEST UGS??? Get your head out of ds1 man, this is a different game
By Anonymous
Ok, so which ugs is better than zwei?
By Anonymous
To aug 26 anon: Astora gs, Black Knight gs, Lothric Knight gs, Fume ugs, and Ringed Knight paired gs are better imo
By Anonymous
Oh Ja!
By Anonymous
Best physical infusion?
By Anonymous
Mostly Quality
By Anonymous
Heavy will be the best, then Refined.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You guys are such losers for not using the Broken Straight Sword!
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Only dumb fat Casuls would use such a trash weapon!
PKCS is so much better!
Real Pros and skilled players only ever use PKCS, the best weapon gaming history!
By Anonymous
Man they aren’t even trying anymore with these comments. Just copying and pasting the same thing. Lame
By Anonymous
why cant we just say each weapon is good at something, PKCS might be good at PvP but I do more PvE than PvP so the zewielder is great for me.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
You seriously couldn't come up with a custom **** for THE meme weapon? For a troll you really suck at this
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