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By Anonymous
Gonna use it in my noob smashing build
By Anonymous
Sad chaos gem noises
By Anonymous
Don't fookin forget, your chaos zweihander
By Anonymous
There's no giant armor or mask of the father sadge
By Anonymous
If you can spare the 19 STR to wield this weapon properly, this breaks faces with a Chaos infusion on a Pyromancer build.

The legend never dies.
By Anonymous
whenever i hyperarmor through r1 spam using an UGS, i instantly hear a bass cannon go off in my head
thanks giantdad
By Anonymous
So this thing is 10 pounds, and I move it like a damn boulder...alright from, now justify why Artorias's is 11.5 and more mobile, hmm???
By Anonymous
Because still its a greatsword what are you another giantdad casul?
By Anonymous
*10 Miyazaki's
By Anonymous
cause zwei lonk
By Anonymous
Chaoshander Giantdad

Class: Bandit
SL: 99
VIT: 48
ATT: 12
END: 66
STR: 16
DEX: 10 (don't tell any1 u lvl'd that up)
RES: 12
INT: 8
FTH: 10
By Anonymous
Wrong wiki dipshit
By Anonymous
The dislikes are from people that are still pissed that they got pwned by Giantdad back in dark souls 1
By Anonymous
Salt comment is from someone who probably uses gold tracer ew I think I just vomit from saying g word
By Anonymous
First time I finished dark souls 1 with this weapon. Since then I used Zwei for my first build in DS 2, and DS 3. It is some kind of tradition although of that I prefer fast dexterity builds now. I simply like the look of this beast.
By Anonymous
It's exactly the same for me. Used the Zweihänder on the first run for every souls game. It's something you would choose to kill big monsters while still being physically able to lift it in real life. And it just looks plain awesome.
By Anonymous
Exactly the same but with the Claymore!
By Anonymous
WARNING: Don't Infuse with the refined gem for quality builds! It only adds 2 more AR, save the rare gem for a different blade!
By Anonymous
Refined Gems are among the easiest to get fym
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