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By Anonymous
I believe she appears when reaching halfway fortress bonfire. Not after killing sage
By Anonymous
Please tell me you can get her armor.
By Anonymous
i got her armor, i just killed her in firelink and maiden sells her armor
By Anonymous
Awesome. That chest-piece in particular looks great.
By Anonymous
Well now I know whats happening to her first time I see her.
By Anonymous
How can I make her sell me some spells? The only thing she did for me was some dialogue after I helped her kill the NPC from Tree covenant - and then I found her dead in the graveyard behind the shrine.
By Anonymous
She disappeared for me; maybe because I currently have the dark sigil?
By Anonymous
I got her 1st summon sign, but i don't see the 2nd at the bridge. i didnt join the rosaria covenant.
By Anonymous
1st trigger: Talk to Anri and the black knight near the bonfire before the swamp.2nd trigger: summon the purple to the left of the bonfire in the swamp and kill him. Kill the invading purple near the bonfire before the tree boss fight.Both purples are the same person= Sirris grandad.Talk to Sirris after each trigger.Then kill the tree boss. After that go to the room right before the tree boss room. Sirris has a summon sign there. You will be summoned by her to help her kill her grandad.After that go back to the shrine and she will plead loyalty to you.From what i have heard you can summon her after the beast at the snow bridge is dead and then she gives you a ring. Also her armor becomes available. These last two points I'm not so sure about, but I'm going to finish the quest to find out.
By Anonymous
after i have spoken to anri she said the next time we will be enemies, didnt had the dark sigil, or joint rosarias, but joint moundmakers before tho, any ideas?
By Anonymous
i got her that far that she said she will help me and i can summon her, but actually i cant summon her for the abysswalkers, any ideas?
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