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By Anonymous
sirris of the sugma realms
By Anonymous
I want the milk contained in those realms.
By Anonymous
It seems like i've failed this questline. I currently done everything up to step 6 (Killed Aldrich) but the special Budding Green Blossom doesn't appear in the lady's inventory, and there's no summon sign at the entrance to the Gurse-Rotted Greatwoods room.
Any help?
By Anonymous
Make sure you you are embered. I also didn't have Budding Green Blossom but after I embered and reloaded the summon sign appeared.
By Anonymous
Garbage NPC. At least she gives some cool stuff.
By Anonymous
she does like 60 damage to invader lmao i think her weapons are +0 ai is dogshit too she never heals you have to tank so she doesnt die
By Anonymous
Just to let you know guys, I spoke to her only once to get the darkmoon loyalty gesture, then I completely ignored all other steps, killed Soul of Cinder, and still managed to complete all other steps in her questline. So if you think you progressed too far in the game you didn't.
By Anonymous
She must get so sweaty in all that armour. Probably doesn't get too many opportunities to wash, either.
By Anonymous
nigga what?
By Anonymous
I consider myself to be as based as you are but I don't see why you say these things about her in particular.
By Anonymous
You must be thinking about how the feet must smell
By Anonymous
Imagine the smell
By Anonymous
killed immediately after she swore her vow
By Anonymous
Just played with friend and didn't need to get her appear second time on waifu house (before giving dreamchasers ashes to handmaiden) to summon her for deacons of the deep bossfight(didnt summon her but her summon sign was there)
but old wolf of farron bonfire was lit though
By Anonymous
I can't find her corpse and the summon is not available.

- Didn't join Rosaria
- All bonfires of the game and DLC are lift
- Dreamchasers ashes are given to handmaiden

Any ideas?
By Anonymous
Also, she's not in the firelink.
By Anonymous
Captain yorska has to be alive also. But your first encounter woulda been after horace and anri are talked to at road of sacrifices they then i think move to firelink, talk to them there, rest or travel and return and sirris should be in firelink the first time. After Sulyvahn's beast is dead in irrithyl, her sign appears at the beginning of that bridge coming in to go to her realm and help fight an npc. Pontiff can be dead for this portion but for the 2nd encounter of said npc he invades you in the graveyard outside church bonfire(pontiff must be alive for this part, but doesnt need to be alive for you to go to her realm at the bridge). She woulda gone to firelink for the 2nd time then after you helped her.This is when her sign would appear for abyssknights/deacons. After Aldrich is down you can summon her to kill hodrick back at greatwood tree. Then you can use her sign for dragonslayer armor and twin princes. but AFAIK you need to have talked to her at those specific times.
By Anonymous
Sunless feet
By Anonymous
Imagine how soft they must be!
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