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Dont play ringed city before beating this boss. It will be dissapointing
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Looking back at this guy after beating Radagon and Elden Beast, and it's like night and day how much better this boss is.
By Anonymous
Radagon is a great boss and EB would be a fun boss if torrent was enabled
By Anonymous
Radagon is a fun boss, but you're a complete goddamn psychopath if you think Elden Beast is enjoyable in any way, I don't care what anyone says, Elden Beast is easily the worst final boss in any soulsborne game, bar none.
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I just beat him first try, with 2 estus left, sullyvahn was harder...
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Yes, I agree with you
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in his curved sword phase he is actually wielding a fire PKCS plz add this to lore
By Anonymous
you are weird
By Anonymous
In terms of game design it's an excellent boss. But lore-wise? He comes the f out of nowhere.
By Anonymous
I kinda agree, I mean Pontiff was supposed to be the final boss
By Anonymous
How? The entire game was about you having to find the lord of cinders and all the bad things that happened after so many rekindling. What else could be the final boss but cinder itself?
By Anonymous
Why? You've never played Dark Souls? You don't know what happened to chosen undead after first part? It's more than lore-wise, I bet every ds fan was theorising about Soul of Cinder being an actual reflecting of themselves from the first ds.
By Anonymous
Dark knight great sword with the poise buff is pretty nice against this lad
By Anonymous
Fun fact: 1st phase music is 2x speeded and remixed firelink shrine theme from ds1
By Anonymous
when Gwyn take over the soul its oddly fitting and sad because if your going to put out the fire its Gwyn's last effort to keep the one think he has left going

the age of fire
By Anonymous
Dont play ringed city before beating this boss. It will be dissapointing
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