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By Anonymous
Read 'try the dragonslayer greataxe'. So I got it out, realised it wasn't upgraded. Went to buy titanite, realised I'd missed the dragon chaser ashes. Died a few times again to get that, got back, had no souls to buy titanite. Went to farm winged knights, realised I could use the mendicant staff. Went back to archdragon peak to farm that. Got it and went back to grind knights. Finally get enough souls to fully upgrade axe. Go back to fight Soul of Cinder. Get kerbstomped within ten seconds.

I'm going to bed. Full of rage.
By Anonymous
did you ever beat him?

sometimes it's good to step away for a bit, or switch to something relaxing and fun. if you get angry, it becomes a chore, and you rush it and seldom do very well

you can do it!!!!
By Anonymous
Yeah these games can push you to the breaking point but getting past it is what makes them great... Just dont be like me and switch to another soulsborne game when you get angry
By Anonymous
Dark LKSS with 35 in STR, DEX, INT, and FTH with the dark clutch ring 608 AR killed within a minute on NG+5
By Anonymous
Fromsoftware got it wrong again! the soul of cinder shouldn't look like that! we all know that the chosen undead was wearing Giant's armor and the mask of the father when they linked the flame! plz fix from or else i will have to hack you again and leak elden ring footage again!
By Anonymous
OG memes, i like that
By Anonymous
imo i think it would be cool if in Elden ring they let us return to the other games and we can visit the kirn of the first flame
and be can do some hidden fight where we resummon the soul of cinder but it uses are data from ds3 to make it so the soul uses our old characters weapon
By Anonymous
I had sharp sellsword twin blades and lemme tell you, it does pretty good damage so idk how that’s gonna go for me O_O
By Anonymous
I really hope they add secret bosses that are at least really similar to the DS bosses, Ornstein and Smough remade in elden would be amazing
By Anonymous
Finishing the dlc bosses first and dying countlessly to the steroid dragon definitely makes fighting SoC easier. Still found him more challenging than gael. 9.5/10 boss. Won second try.
By Anonymous
Just fought him on NG+10 with Londor Pale Shade and when the second phase started Pale Shade one-shot him.
Never seen that before!
By Anonymous
oh my god this boss is so cool, i cannot even get mad at dying, i mean look at the amount of spectacular attacks he has AND HE CAN TURN HIS SWORD INTO A ULTRA GREATSWORD, CURVED GREATSWORD AND STAFF, HE IS SO COOL OH MY GOD I WISH I COULD EVER BE THAT COOL.
By Anonymous
Agreed Im glad the ringed knight straight sword exists so I can at least me a mini version of this lit lad
By Anonymous
I like the moveset of the Abyss Watchers better, a bit slow, but damn, does it look gud
By Anonymous
Will forever be one of the most epic bossfights in video game history unless Elden Ring can pull something better which I am hoping for
By Anonymous
nah gael and sword saint isshin are more epic.
By Anonymous
if you have already defeated this boss, and want to help others defeat him, transpose his soul for the sunlight spear. it's insane against him. doesn't deplete too much HP, but it's still an easy win with it.
By ConcernedCitizen
Lightning Arrow does a lot of damage to him and is fast enough to fire off consistently through all of his changing movesets. I wasn't expecting the last boss to die so easily -- when he went down on phase 2 I was expecting a phase 3 but he was just dead. This was my first playthrough and I did all the DLC bosses first, so maybe I was just conditioned to harder fights by that point. Either way, I had a great time playing Dark Souls 3. I think it's my favorite of the trilogy.

See you in Elden Ring!
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