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you guys do know we are fighting are future self if we link the fire we will become the next soul of cinder
By Anonymous
no, while the soul of cinder is a manifestation of all lords of cinder it’s only a manifestation of all lords of cinder who linked the flame not those who will
By Anonymous
lord of cinder, more like lord of tinder
By Anonymous
People generally talking about how easy he is have generally only faced him in NG.
I was at NG+4, this time, fighting him solo, he puts up a good fight, took me a few tries. Looking forward for +7
By Anonymous
So, basically he needs a NG+4 buff to have a respectable difficulty? That kind of defeats your point, no?
By Anonymous
With sorcery this fight is an absolute joke. Fastest boss of my life
By Anonymous
why are you using sorcery
By Anonymous
Sorcery, also known as "easy mode" in souls games.
By Anonymous
the fire keeper i would trigger another ending
By Anonymous
"The Soul of Cinder is the deific manifestation of every person that linked the fire"

And it means just the Chosen Undead, but every chosen undead from Dark Souls 1 at Dark Souls 1 time, since the own lore of this game acknowledges invaders and friendly phantons, acknowledges the other players (Gwyndolin mentions other players in his dialogue)... not other unknow lotd of cinder from other unknow time we never heard of as many people say, no, it was the many Chosen Undeads by the time of DS1 only. If there was some lord of cinder left, we would have to also fight him in DS3 and get his head; but by the end only the many Chosen Undeads (Solaire included) and lord Gwyn were the lords of cinder remaining.
By Anonymous
I had a stroke reading this
By Anonymous
A lot of fire linkings have passed since the chosen undead defeated gwyn, therefore a lot more of chosen undeads had time to awake from the grave to become lords of cinders. Even if other players were not canon and only the first person perspective, it still leaves plenty of time for many undeads and other mighty beings to link the fire. Moreso, the (i think general consensus) lore about DS3 is that Lothric refused to link the flame and become Lord of Cinder even when he was destinted to be, so out of desperation the firekeeper rung the bell of awakening to revive past Lords of Cinder, but one after the other refused after seeing that what they linked the flame for actually flopped, so all of them, save Ludleth, didn't want to link the flame again and went to their own places of origin, forcing the firekeeper to awake an unkindled to slay them all and try to retreive their missing power, including Lothric's and link the fire singlehandedly. Even if we use the lore that is written on the wiki (That is, the lords of cinder that we kill survived the fire and didn't fully commit to it, so it was a half assed linking so you have to kill them and do it right) where the lords of cinder are close contemporaries, that doesn't automatically eliminate the span of time between DS1 and DS3, again leaving ages of time for other undead to link the fire themselves.
By Anonymous
I've just killed him and as I clicked on 'Light the first flame' I noticed a summons sign, it was gone when I returned after the cutscene. Who was the summons for?
By Anonymous
The firekeeper, for a different ending
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
good to se you again chosen undead you have change a lot since i last saw you
By Anonymous
Says he's immune to poison but I just poisned him with toxic mist
By Anonymous
He does dumbass
By Anonymous
soul of tinder a lonely guy looking for a friend to fight with
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