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By Anonymous
It's a great boss, but the main problem I have with it is that it deals so little damage, removing a lot of the tension from the fight. Good thing calamity ring exists.
By Anonymous
this guy needs to shoot fire out of his hands
By Anonymous
He does dumbass
By Anonymous
Have you listened to Gwyn soundtrack played on a real organ? If not, just look for 'Gwyn, Lord of Cinder OST - Gothic Music Version' .
By Anonymous
This boss is boring af like a robot compared to Gael boss fight.
By Anonymous
I think the coolest part of this boss is that even Gwyn himself, creator of the Age of Fire, the Legendary first Lord of Cinder and first linker of the flame, now free from his hollowed mind and his soul absorbed by the player, realizes his mistake of letting the age of fire continue for so long. When the amalgamation of your DS1 character and the Lords of Cinder from DS3 fail in their last attempt to stop you from linking the flame once more, Lord Gwyn's Soul itself empowers the corpse of your DS1 character in one last stand to try to defeat the Champion of Ash finally end his decaying age of flame so that a new world may begin.
By Anonymous
so if the soul of cinder is the chosen undead if we make the chosen undead a girl dose that make the soul of cinder a girl I'm asking for a legit answer here dose this make the soul a girl
By Anonymous
Lore-wise, absolutely.
In-game, no.
By Anonymous
Logistics that don't matter. You're fighting a husk, a mere shell. Powerful as it may be, that's all it is, and ever will be.
By Anonymous
Worth mentioning that he has sort of a rare weapon switch in phase one where he pulls out a straight sword. I've only seen it once, and it wasn't that much of a problem, but it definitely was not like the greatsword moveset.
By Anonymous
I'm at ng+7, and I can't say i've ever struggled against this boss till now. Twin princes were the only boss this run that took effort since ng. Wtf is this boss.
By Anonymous
Ok, nevermind, sacred oath came in clutch. Not much of a miracle fan, but i can squeeze in a buff or two in a build when i need to. This was a must. ng+7 in the bin baby.
By Anonymous
Health info is way off. First playthrough, and each phase has 10-15k health. I’m running out of FP using black fire orb.
By Anonymous
Just watched it more closely. Nearly 20k hp phase 1 in NG. 10-15k phase 2. Went through 7 flasks.
By Anonymous
he could have healed. are you sure your calculations aren't off?
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