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unlocking anying?
That completes 2 of the 3 ending achievements. Wonder how you get the last one?
Nobody knows.

I think however given that the song Secret Betrayal is on the ost, getting the third ending involves defeating a True Final Boss, aka The Countess of Ash.

Now who do we know who could betray us in Dark Souls 3? Hmmmm?
I just want to clarify, the countess of ash is NOT a boss found ingame, at the very least it is unlikely that if she is in the game, that she is found at the kiln.
I think you get it from a special questline involving Anri and Yuria
If you attack the firekeeper during the fading to completely black , a bonus scene will play.
And the "Extra" scene, lead you at the "Usurper of Fire" ending?
It's also similar to how you step on Yuria from Demon's Souls in one of the endings.
Soul of Cinder is the Chosen Undead from the first game


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he is also Gwyn, vendrik, the chosen undead from DK2, and everyone in between that choose to link the fire
Vendrick never linked the fire, so his spirit is not part of this boss, but it's possible that our DS2 character is part of him.
'Eyes of a Firekeeper' from the Untended Graves , give eye Fire Keeper save , Praise the Sun!!!!!!!
Well you cant know that for sure full game isnt released yet :)
Game has been leaked early and as a result people have beaten the game and gotten all 3 endings.
Didn't even need a leak, the game was released earlier in Japan.

But why??


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Isn't it 100,000 for defeating this boss, not 120,000?
maybe you get less for co oping? i thought i received 120k
With 2 partners you get 75k
You might have had Covetous serpent ring on you at the time
Hi, i have killed all bosses, but how can i get to the last boss ?
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You place all the Lords of Cinder on the Thrones then talk to the Firekeeper. She has you touch the kindle fire at the heart of the Shrine, transporting you to the final area.
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