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I use this with a fashion soul I came up with, not very good with It, but I'll take any normal weapon over a meta weapon any day.
What’s the fashion souls?
Fashion souls was sellsword helmet, sunset armor, brigand gauntlets, and eastern leggings, and I also use the leather shield.
It's using the best looking/coolest moveset equipment and not the best utility with ugly looks
If you're trying to Imply that my fashion souls looks like*****, then take a look at the fashion souls page, then compare It to mine again.
My favorite weapon. I didn't start using it until Carthus, but after the knockdown effect on the enemies there and the AR & FP regeneration, I've got it at +9 and it just massacres everything at 40 STR and 25 DEX.
any thing with strike dmg will knock over skellys
Crushes Havel *** and onion wannabees I stopped using the weapon because victory is practically guranteed
Can this not be infused or something or is the page incomplete?
Lol I actually looked at the info closely. Gonna dislike my own comment now.
My new unkindled is named Severian... only cool kids will get this
Serverian? I'm pretty sure i can across your red Phantom once lmao
Terminus Est... Light to raise, weighty to descend
lol i thought the same thing when i came across this. was hoping miyazaki was using urth as an inspo.



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It's named after a Croatian pop songstress from the mid 90's?
lol I used this in my first run up to the Dancer and I had no idea that it restored FP. Would've been nice if I had noticed that.
This is actually really convenient to just have equipped with a full caster setup. The passive and a dusk crown ring combined saves a ridiculous amount of FP.
Not bad, but pretty clearly a pve weapon
Was so much better before the nerf. Used to restore 30 fp.
Buff lapp build?