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Actually, these swords were used in the 17th century, so just after the medieval ages.
The 1800s?
Executioner swords date back to 16th century just before the end of the middle ages.
The last recorded use of them was in the 19th century in Sweden so the bulk of their use was during the renaissance.
Early Modern Period is the term. Developments that would shape society into what we think of as modern were starting to appear, but were only beginning to be developed and have an impact of society.
"Miyazaki-san, the Executioner's Greatsword is the perfect weapon for casters with FP on kills and simple infusion for FP regen!"

"What?!? We accidentally created a perfect weapon for caster-scum? I must think... Quickly, prevent ANY infusions on that weapon!!"
I honestly never thought about that before, but your totally right! A simple infusion on this thing would be awesome! BUT! maybe theres another way. What if you threw a crystal magic weapon buff on this thing w/ an offhand simple caestus or shield? Youd probably wanna throw on magic clutch ring, lingering dragon crest ring and some other stuff to boost your damage tho as id imagine it wouldn't be the greatest.
Giving a weapon with this kind of passive buff the ability to buff it even further would be pretty stupid. Might as well let players triple buff with resins and spells on top of infusions so they can have a 700AR chaos dagger.
I'd say he did us justice by not allowing infusions on it.
Except with that 19 STR requirement and the sheer weight of this weapon, you'd be foolish to have this on a caster build even if for some reason they allowed this (which has a special property to it) to be infused.
If only you could infuse it.
Everyone says that this is inferior to Gael's greatsword, but if you buff it with dark pine resin, it's much better, and if you use the Wolf ring +3, it lets you poise through most weapons, even ultra greatswords, and since it has great damage, you can basically stunlock anyone who messes with you. What people don't understand, is that this is a trading weapon, and when people underestimate its size and damage, they get f*cked.
They are literally the same sword just different moveset and condition, one is in good condition and the other has seen history (literally)
Much better than gael's greatsword? Ahahahahahhahahah... get out of here (i hope you mean just for pve because for pvp gael's greatsword is one of the best weapons in the game)
Casuls, it’s ash to predict gael’s. R1 spam and heavy R2 and the occasional easily partied WA. Only Chase Fighter and Prod know how to use it.
Best weapon in the game
By far
I destroyed champion gyndur with this weapon.
With all other weapons was very challenging battle
You still get the FP from kills when it's sheathed. Great for maintaining your weapon skills for Twin weapons.
Why this page has info on buffing? Buffs give the same amount of damage regardless of weapon, except for Blessed Weapon, and even then it's just percentage based


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One of the best weapons in the game by far. I remember that this was not supposed to be my main weapon during the first cycle I ever finished on this game, but it still ended up being my most used weapon of said cycle, helping me smash through enemies and bosses until the very end, before the DLCs got out. It was a discovery run on Twitch, but I didn’t record it sadly and I don’t really Twitch anymore, and there is nothing on this chanel, so this is not a shameless plug, just nostalgia and telling you this is one of the greatest weapon.