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By Anonymous
Strike Claymore. If I have to explain to you how busted that is... Good luck, skeleton.
By Anonymous
why is this buffable but gaels isn't
By Anonymous
Because Gael's greatsword is a boss weapon.
By Anonymous
Gaels is buffed with 100% unadulterated baddassery, cant rebuff a buffed weapon!
By Anonymous
The FP restoration is out of place though. IDK why they would put that on a sword or any non-INT/FTH equipment. It's great people use it for the FP, but I think we should have gotten this as a ring, or at least, an FP counterpart to Sun Princess Ring.
By Anonymous
cuz Stomp uses FP
By Anonymous
Great weapon for Magic swordmen
By Anonymous
works fine. besides, the lore explains why it gains focus points from things dying around it. would be more useful on something else sure, but it's there for a reason
By Anonymous
The unbroken version of Gael tryhard ballerinas' sword. aka, trash casuls' wholesome ganking tool. Oh well both got wrecked by mega skilled pkcs players anyway so I don't really need to hold your hand and lead you to the path of the pro. Casuls will learn it the hard way and pick up the god sword pkcs to git gud.
By Anonymous
Would you just stfu? Not everyone is interested in puny Dexterity builds
By Anonymous
stfu and shove that sword up your *** you neckbeard gitgudders
By Anonymous
“Skilled” and “PKCS” do not belong in the same sentence
By Anonymous
Omg you're so hardcore dude
By Anonymous
I can tell the hunch of your back is as intense a curve as the pkcs! Meta is the worst way to play the game, as there is no effort to get good.
By Anonymous
Seriously just stfu
By Anonymous
This is embarassing.
By Anonymous
Please tell me you pkcs nerds are trolling and y’all aren’t actually this dumb
By Anonymous
An executioner sword that deals strike damage? Gives me conniptions.
By Anonymous
The top half of the sword isn't a blade, it's a weight to help the bladed lower portion of the sword to cut through necks.
By Anonymous
the entire sword is a blade, the difference between this and regular swords is that the blade is perfectly straight with no taper at all, meaning the width and thickness at the point are the same as at the crossguard. this means the point of balance of the blade is almost right in the middle, whereas normally the balance is 10-30% up the blade from the guard. this basically means that your cuts have way more weight behind them, so it would feel extremely heavy compared to a regular longsword but it would cut extremely cleanly (yes the whole blade is sharp, and probably more so than regular swords since it doesnt need to be as durable). the point of this is to make sure you dont need multiple cuts to get through the neck, and its easier to use than an axe because theres more blade so youre less likely to miss
By Anonymous
still doesn't explain why it does strike damage
By Anonymous
doesn't it say that it got dull from overuse? probably pretty bad use too, considering the edge is chipped in several places
By Anonymous
Best hammer in the game.
By Anonymous
I kinda only used this as passive on my caster mage build, handy for clearing full areas since you get access to it way earlier than simple infusion. You don't need to meet the wielding req to get the FP on kill, just sword in offhand or on the back is enough.
By Anonymous
This thing is amazing for the Carthus catcombs
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By theheromachine
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I didn't fool with it until I hit Carthus, then it became my main weapon for the rest of the game. This + Lightning Lothric Knight Sword = EZ Mode
By Anonymous
Fought Gael with it. Staggers him every third hit and is fast and easy on the stamina.
By Anonymous
Used Gael's sword to kill Gael
By Anonymous
uSeD REpeAtINg cr05sBOw to kIlL gA3L
By Anonymous
This weapon is honestly great in invasions for at least one reason: as long as the level is still somewhat full of PvE, you won't need as much Ashen Estus, especially if you pair it with a Simple Infused item.
I could find this especially useful for Caster builds, or any other weapon that relies heavily on it's WA.
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