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Loving the design (judging by the inventory icon) and that FP leech sound great, mix that with a particular ring and you're a full on vampire.
Cathedral of the Deep graveyard. From the second bonfire, run up to the graveyard with the respawning enemies. Immediately to your left there will be a small ramp uphill; go up and then to the left again. A zombie is sitting in front of i t.
Whoops. Wrong sword. The Executioners is farther along in the graveyard. Make your way through the graveyard, you will come along a small hole in a gate to your left; through here is a pretty wide open area. There are two items and obvious unspawned enemies. Once you grab the sword you will be ambushed, but the zombies are slow. Just run out or Homeward Bone (which is instant now).
So you don't even need to kill with the weapon itself, or even land a killing blow? Just be around something that dies? Spellcasters, unite!
you just keep it on one hand and use a staff on the other, the amount of FP you get is far greater than said up there, i can cast like 3 soul arrows and will get all mana back when the enemy dies.
just tested it, its 30 FP.
Heavy soul Arrow costs 9 while soul arrow costs 7.
i cant be infused bro. just reinforced and enchanted via spells
After patch it does not give near 30. It only gives 3 just as it says above. Now the handmaiden dagger gives 1 FP per hit so.
This is amazing. I'm going to run a Dex/Faith build, wondering if Sharp
infusion would be worth it
Showing the weapon

Skip to 3:25 to see it, loving the sheath and the broken tip design, this plus Fallen knight gonna be my final setup for my first character.
Another "Fallen Knight" wanker... god *****, git gud, git taste in Fashion.
It is not a broken tip. An executioners sword didn't need a point it was only for chopping off people's heads.
The FP regain effect seems to have been severely lessened compared to pre-1.01
This is most definitely the PUGS.
Not to mention this is a greatsword, not an ultra greatsword
Why would you think this is the PUGS? They look nothing alike.
Not even close...?
yea lol the sword has no tip, now the cathedral knight ultra GS looks like pursuers.
Would this be the highest damaging great sword in the game (without needing to buff)?