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People sitting around waiting their turn for duels against twinked hosts with 30% extra health, then a blue shows up and you act shocked that you're being ganked. Smarten up retards, a solo host is just a gank you caught off guard.
Or some veteran player on Ng+++++++++++, it's always funny when some noob Rosalia or other covenant item farmer invades, using their +3 feather duster of tickling.
Two and a half hours and I just got my first sword grass but I did get like 5 titanite shards they would be useful if I wasn't using a +3 weapon
watchdoge of farron
Last covenant. I thought farming the Sunlight Medals and Mad Warrior in Dark Souls 2: SotFS was bad, but nope. Proofs are the absolute worst of all of them. I sold at least 600+ titanite shards AFTER upgrading every weapon and shield and I got another stock of 600. I'd offer left overs to someone but I don't have PlayStation Plus to use any online features.
Can somebody help me with this am to high level and in ng+5 have got every ring and thropys except for wolf ring please help I ll drop it back and gave million souls
There’s a wolf ring in ringed city. It’s +3. Doesn’t matter what ng you’re on
He might be going trophy hunting as am I. So wolf ring +3 won't cut it you need the original for the trophy/achievement
it's POISONED, not poisened.


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Working as intended
I love how people complain about everything. I'm not fan of that particular covenant, because I prefer Fingers, but people must understand that covenants in this game are for online play. If you're bad at PvP, well... too bad! You don't deserve a reward. If you want to complain about farming, it's only your fault, you've choosen the wrong patch to get it. PvP is fair. You can counter everything if you have some knowledge. There're sometimes problems with lag, hackers and other stuff... so what? It's not like it happens everytime. Dark Souls is not the only game that suffers for these kind of problems. Just prepare yourself. Get a weapon for every occasion and be patient. It's easier to get all of these by PvP.
I don't deserve a reward? I used 4 hours farming while searching for players to invade..
All of this is just your opinion. I spent 2 hours farming 10 grass and invaded less than a hand full of times...
I agree. The tards disliking and responding probably overleveled. Should of been obvious that an area specific covenant would require you to stick to a certain level range. I
I for one really dislike the Rakuyo lore links spammed all over this whole website. Idgaf if some nut thinks Aldrich in the form of Saint Adeline used tarot cards on Griffith from Berserk, that's not why I'm here.


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Being at level 30 and +2 weapons is working well. Game is still alive and well. Sekiro will bring more people over surely
So I'm at sl25 +3 but I have a bunch of souls and don't want to lose them in fights. What do you do with souls? Is there any items worth investing and selling back later? Or what?
I would suggest you if you dare it to go through the Areas and collect the ashes from all areas to use the souls to buy consumables like human pine resin for instance. Even some explosiv Bolts from Greirat is nice to have paired with a light crossbow.