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My char's level 39, I enjoy running around the woods chasing trsspassers with a greataxe. It doesn't always work but boy is it satisfying when it does
"blue with a red tint" youre describing purple.
It's not actually purple. The Mound Makers are purple. Watchdogs are blue with a red tint.
blue with a red tint as I you have a red and blue glow
Watchdogs. Your goal is the HOST...not the red are you guys SL 120+ and still don't know this? Don't invade if you don't know what to do. Saves us the trouble. I just killed 3 watchdogs in one invasion because they were too clueless to not know that invaders aren't the goal! This game is full of dimwits.
Red phantoms are also trespassers of Farron and therefor are targets of the watchdogs.
Red phantoms don't give Watchdogs points.
Well, I had to come here to find out... I played DS2 with no Internet connection so DS3 really introduced me to the covenant system. I didn't get that you had to protect the swamp from the host, I thought you had to protect the host from the invader. It does sound dumb. The thing is: I'm cool with DS not explaining stuff to the player and letting him/her figure it out, but when it touches other players (like PVP, invasions, Coop, etc.), I think it's important enough to deserve some explanation. DS is literally saying: "Go to the Internet to find out how our game works, because we're not gonna!"
I don't get how this comment got so much hate. He's not wrong you know.
Idgaf if I don't get swordgrass from you. YOU'RE IN MY SWAMP!
Can someone lend me the wolf ring for throphy?
No get it yourself like everyone else. In the time you spend waiting for any answer you could have gotten it by now



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Pretty sure you have to get yourself to get the trophy.
This ain't your ordinary swamp, IT's FIGHT CLUB!
I just wacked the***** out of one of these guys with the large club. It was my first encounter with player invader in the game. Feelsgoodman
Nothing quite like doggy invading a swamp twink who disconnects at the moment of defeat.
Yeah, ******* who disconnect are the worst of the souls community other than hackers. If you dont want to pvp or hate losing stay in offline mode. Its a shame FROM never put in consequences (like losing covenant items/credit/souls/ or forced offline mode) for the ******* who repeatedly disconnect while actively participating in multiplayer.
Hey, there are no rules in a fantasy world. I rarely do it but if I have a metric a** ton of souls and I'm not tryna hand em over to someone who's grinding for a trophy, you know d*mn well imma disconnect.
Theres a cheater who is constantly the victim of my (and many other's) invasions, he just gets back up after dying so i cant get hte grass, any advice?
Throw him off a cliff. Its the only way to kill a cheater
I've just started farming for them outside abyss watchers boss room using the rusted gold coins I got four in about an hour, only 19 more to go.
Hi, What's your level ?
Hey guys, noob here. I just got invaded by 2 Watchdogs at the same time... ? I ... did I just draw the short straw or stay away from the swamp or...???
just dont ember