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Will you get invaded by other Watchdogs if you have this covenant equipped?
No, covenantors cannot invade their own members, so if you join them, they won't invade you.
If I found the wolf ring throughout my playthrough but didnt earn it through the covenant, will it still count towards the ring achievement? Or do I need to get 30 of these things?
You still have to get 30. That's the standard version. The ring found through play through's would be the +1 and +2 versions.
Is any single one of you Farron Swamp-Rats NOT a twink in drakeblood armor?

I have NEVER encountered a Legit Build from this covenant...

If you're heading into the Swamp and see one of them, Use Poison, Dark or Lightning.
It's always funny when I see people whine about what other invaders are using. Do you realize that Souls games are a gank fest now? Invaders should use whatever to win since they are outnumbered 8/10 of the time.
Invaders get to invade at their leisure and twink up or down as much as they want. The invaded have to stop everything they're doing to deal with it and have to understand how soul levels work to not put themselves at a disadvantage. Which part is supposed to make me pity the invader?
You're the one trying to ruin someone else's game session by invading them. If you end up ganked, it's better than you deserve.
And if they're using a Dragonslayer Axe, beat them to death with a mace.
"You're the one trying to ruin someone else's game session by invading them. If you end up ganked, it's better than you deserve."
It's 2018. People are twinking because they WANT to kill Ganks. What are you talking about? Nobody invades in this game anymore and complains about getting ganked you idiot.
This to the guy saying souls games are a gank fest now, he is totally right. This applies to any souls game now. I was playing DSR and invading in Oolacile. The host comes up to me and bows like he wants a duel but I then see a notification another invader was banished and two sunbros sprinting towards us. While the host was coming up from the bow I gave him a dark head to the face cause I knew is back up wasn’t going to let us fight it out. Invaders! Do whatever you need to win! This isn’t the red sign stone or the arena


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I always thought that this system of bring in a covenent to defend a area is great. Unfprtunately there are the guys who thinks they are the greatesr fighters Ehen standing with endgame items there to stomp others into the ground, the hypocritical ones which think invasions are crimes and fight with all possible unfair tools against that, and the gank squads which get some weird kind of joy out of being bigger in numbers than their enemies somost times they could not loose. Every one should ask themselves which kind they are. I like to fight with invaders, coop players and all which have a sense of honour but most players act as they are the only ones which are right and all others are wrong. These mechanics should make fun, not raise the hate.
Whining about ambushing invaders? How about invading someone set up for PvE and tearing them apart? Cry more.
me actually. no delevel, no traded equip, just having 3 chars on 25 with only +2 weapons for good ole fun/fair invasions. but on the other Hand i got my fully traded darkmoon/blue specter dude to tear through those twink hoes invading lowies :) #invaderpolice
If you choose to play online and summon allies, do not complain about invasions. It is a balancing mechanic to ensure the game is not too easy for multiple people. I recently played through with a friend who just got the game and I got invaded constantly but I don’t complain, because it is an important part of the game. PvP is an important part of the game
Every single Farron I've met are first time invaders who don't understand that the one they should kill is the twink host, not the other red.
You think the freindly fire on reds are bad. I'm sitting here getting killed by REDS when invading as a Wof .. No one understands how the covenent works...
Oh no, they do, they just hate your covenant.
You kill anything that will take damage. That's the rule.
What's with the people who camp the swamp yet seem to absolutely hate the game? I keep finding people who spam dung pies and pointdowns before the fight even begins and then hatemail after it ends. They're obvious twinks with late game equipment, so why camp for fights if you apparently don't want them...?
Go anywhere past SL30 or +3 weapons and Farron Woods is where you go to slapfight with other twinks.
will i get invaded by a watchdog at cruxificion woods if the crystal sage is dead?
Yes. It’s only after the Abyss Watchers are dead then you won’t be invaded



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"The Watchdogs of Farron, as well as The Abyss Watchers, appear to be a tribute to Bloodborne". In what way? Who wrote this? They are clearly Artorias fanclub and don't have any connection to Bloodborne
This is probably because all have the blood of the wolf as a condition to joining
Important blood, never use a shield, Hawkwood was thrown out. Sounds like Bloodborne.
it clearly states :" ...a Tribute.." and as the other guy already stated out, the blood ( second phase when the boss draws power from the blood of the fallen watchers ), never use a shield and let me add the looks, they look like they came straight outta yahrnam.
It's speculated that some of them turn into beasts in the lore.
Not anymore it says that he could be related to the hunters of bloodborne. This is on so many pages and it’s annoying. Does that mean that seath is related to the dragon in kings field because he also drops a holy moonlight Greatsword? No it’s a game made by the same company that references their other works.
It's because "Lorehunter Rakuyo" is a goddamn moonbat who thinks that because he's written hundreds of pages of bat*****crazy "interpretation" on this website, he's entitled to spam links to his own work while fighting against people debating it on the main pages (because it's "offtopic") and on his pages (because they're "his")
My god just farmed darkmoon covenant, so close to all the achievements! Just need this one ring. SL 200 so no invasions and ng+3. Any input? Use two crystal sage rapiers, symbol of avarice and covetus gold serpent+3. Standing at about 425 item discovery, but have only gotten 2 in the last 30 minutes. I hope this isnt like the two knights at the anor londo bonfire :(
Advice is to just make a new character to SL25 with a +2 weapon and wear the covenant. It'll take you like an hour to sprint to the woods, and at that range you'll get an invasion every few minutes during peak hours. Throw on the covenant and read a book or whatever between invasions, in a few hours you'll be done. It's faster than farming and it's actually fun rather than doing the same 1-minute farming cycle endlessly. Don't go over SL25 and don't go over +2 weapons, At around SL30/+3 you'll just be wasting your time invading the same twinks that have been camping the woods for god knows how long.
Its exactly the same. And you cant start a new character because the achievement requires everything on the same character.
Heya, ive spent the last week with my level 27 character at +2 and gotten tons of invasions as a watchdog. Now sitting on 53 swordgrasses and been having pretty fair invasions. Can only count around 15 or so that were gank squads of summoned sl120+ players wearing gundyr and havels and ornsteins with the chugging and point downs (****) Ive killed crystal sage but not the watchers yet I would say the system works very well and there is tons of people still playing the game at this SL and even found a few fight clubs here too. Would even go as far to say its easy to collect the swordgrass via invasions Also pretty obvious but as a watchdog with the covenant selected you will not be invaded by watchdogs as most would expect but it can be helpfull if you wish to rush the area