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Small 280MB patch arrived today on the Xbox One version of the game and it appears to have fixed the glitch that stopped you interacting with the covenant wolf in Farron Keep.
This is basically just the rat covenant from DS2 isn't it.
No, they are more like the bell covent in 2, or almost exactly like the forest covent in 1
DS 1 and DS 2 were optional to go into, DS 3 everyone has to enter the area at some point making the watchdogs much more active
DS1 wasn't optional. You HAD to get the Covenant of Artorias from Sif to progress.
So basically these guys are just like the Forest Hunters covenant in DKS1?
yep and the rat covenant from dks2
Yes but I think it works better the DS 1.. Everything swings heavily towards the watchdogs, which is how it should be


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The bug was fixed in the previous patch, so I removed the warning.
Just donated 18 swordgrass, didnt get the weapon
Reload area it should be there
That sucks
Quick run to show you how to get to/join the Watchdogs of Farron hope this helps you guys out
(sry for my eng) i join this covenant.. wait 5 hours... just only 3 invasion?.. how work level (i no understund the table) for invasion? if i'm lvl 50 i can be summoned for territorial invasion (it's when i take item for covenant right?) vs 60-10 or 90-40?

Well excuse me, I was just going by my own experience of typically getting a feel for the game offline before committing to online play and pvp. But, I suppose if I'm "daft", I'm clearly in the minority of patient players.
Have a little patience everyone! The game has only just been released, of course invasions will be a little slow.
I have the same problems i dont get any invades, i got 3 or 4 in the thime is was lvl 25-30 there i was also in the Faron Areal and the Road of Sacrifis to do my walkthrought but after i end these Areal i dont get any "Summons" for the Watch Dogs....and thats mean i dont get enought Kills for the Rank Prices -.- That Lvl System Sucks, in DS1 it Works Fine,you always got Invades as a Siff Protecter but in DS2 and also 3 u dont get anyone -.-
you don't need to invade to progress infact the enemies of the area can drop what you need i suggest farming at keep ruins because just behind the bonfire there are three enemies
Patience? What're you, daft? The highest amount of players will be playing the first weeks of the launch, the rate of invasions should be instant.
If your SL 50 then your soul rang for invasion is 40 minimum/90 maximum
What you want to do to be summoned for this covenant is to go to the Farron's Keep fire (the one just before the poison swamp). You'll notice the covenant icon on your screen blinking - that's how you know when the covenant is working. You can't invade from the room the Old Wolf is in. If you don't get anyone, try unequipping the covenant item, exiting the equip menu and then re-equipping it.
Also, some tactical info:

You will almost always spawn at the first half of the forest (the latter half of Road of Sacrifice with the giant crabs). It is possible to spawn in the second area (the poison swamp) but only rarely, likely because most people don't bother going ember for it.

Like all invaders, hostile mobs will not attack you. However, the giant crabs can hurt you if you get caught in one of their attacks... and there are a lot of hostile mobs here to help. Potential gank spots include the area with the black knight and the two ghouls with crosses on their backs and the two hollow NPCs near the bonfire leading to the poison swamp.

You can invade from the wolfs room.
Just got pulled from there
so I joined but I'm not getting summon to invade am I doing something wrong I have ember on
You have to be in SL rang of those you are invading -10/+40
You have to put the covenant on and try staying in the forest that's the best betm
Does it count as a sin to invade as this covenant?
No it doesn't. I'm 100% of that.