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By Anonymous
The big question is... can we pet the fluffly?
By Anonymous
no, the altar of this convenant is a deceased black greatwolf, muuuuuch-much-muuuuch smaller than Sif though
By Anonymous
Time to hunt wolfbros/wolfsisters!
By Anonymous
can you not be a furry for like ten seconds?
By Anonymous
Now embarrassed to join this covenant
By Anonymous
all the Watchdogs were were furries without fursuits, anyhow.
By Anonymous
Let the hunt begin.
By Anonymous
There is currently a bug which prevents the player from being able to interact with the Old Wolf of Farron NPC.It's unknown what causes it, but according to this email from From support, they are aware of it and will address it in a future update: (Found on 2ch)
By Anonymous
For 30 turn-ins, you get Artorias' Greatshield and the Wolf Ring
By Anonymous
with all do respect wait a minute. 10 invasions and you get 3 items already, im in.
By Anonymous
''Note: At some point after defeating the Abyss Watchers, Hawkwood will slay the Old Wolf of Farron, preventing covenant turn-ins until the next NG cycle.'' So the only way to prevent this is to kill hawkwood the first time you meet him?
By Anonymous
Just collect all 30 swordgrass before defeating the Abyss Watchers and turn them in.. Now you don't have kill any NPC or wait for NG+
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By lordnoah
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wrong if you kill him you cant get the forth dragon stone
By Anonymous
I guess so. From what I have read, the only boon Hawkwood gives you is a couple of summons against optional bosses. That info is a good thing to know, as I am aiming to max out as much of them as I can thanks to the swappable covenant system.
By Anonymous
Is it known in more detail how this works? I'm assuming it's like the Forest Hunters in Dark Souls 1 but I'm not getting summoned. I played for like 6 hours last night, both embered and not, wasn't summoned a single time.
By Anonymous
if you have issues just kill the enemies behind the keep ruins bonfire they can drop what you need
By Anonymous
Same exact problem. Played hours in both sentinels and wolf, yet not a single summon. Yet, when I use a cracked red eye orb, I can invade people in the forest. I can also invade people that are already being invaded. So why the hell isn't the covenant working?
By Anonymous
Is there a Rusted Iron Ring in DS 3 ? PvP in this area with that equipped would be nice !
By Anonymous
There's no Rusted Iron Ring, but if you have a dagger equipped you can skate very quickly through the water by using the weapon art. Not ideal, but it works well.
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