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This sure would've been handy in the DS1 Catacombs.
oh because a candle a capable of slaying one of the great lords of lordran along with his skeletal army...
Finally catalyst that double as weapons Soooo happy!! We may also see some staffs or wands that work in a similar way :)



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Didn't the Blue Flame also double as a catalyst on Dark Souls 2??
I come to Yharnam to learn about the art of blood healing but what I found was a mystery and a never ending nightmare of blood, murder and deception, what am I the hunter or the prey?
So did the mace of the insolent.
Also even in this game the Heysel Pick is better since it doesn't require faith
Wait so this casts miracles?




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It casts Sorceries. I have it on my Sorcerer. It's misleading I know :(
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Sword Candlesticks is firesaber!!


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Hi. I was watching your streams, and I know You have character that uses this weapon. Do You think its worth faith investment for sorcery/int build? Is it on blueflame level from DS2 (or better/worse)?
thanks, was looking for this
Can this cast miracles?
sorry that qestion was answered below. My bad
oh yeah, we would surely be able to defeat a lord of cinder with a candle...
I beat the first one with a metal studded leather cestus so...
lol lords of cinder must be REALLY weak xD
I did... to be frank this is as strong as a normal astora straight sword. xD
0_0 strong as astora straight sword u say....