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By Anonymous
Doesn't frostbite slow stamina regeneration? Why does the wiki say it prevents stamina from regenerating? This should be fixed or clarified.
By Anonymous
I believe they mean it increases the time before you using stamina and it beginning to regenerate. Basically, frostbite is the opposite of the Hunter rune in Bloodborne.
By Anonymous
This video clearly shows that's wrong.
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By Xerav
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Moss clump radiating gentle heat and light. Reduces frost build-up. Cures frostbite status. Frost accumulates in the body causing frostbite, which saps one's health, lowers absorption, and slows stamina recovery. Weapons imbued with frost are a rare thing indeed, most of them originating in the Boreal Valley.
By Anonymous
So have we found any weapons usable by the player that cause frostbite? I feel like this implies they exist.
By Anonymous
Most people have said it works like Dark Souls 2 bleed: It does a small amount of damage upon activation, and slows stamina recovery.
By Anonymous
This also reduces defense and, I think, slows movement speed (could just be when Outriders do ice breath), so it's a bit of an expansion on the idea
By Anonymous
As far as I know DS2 bleed was lowering your max stamina and slowing you down.
By Anonymous
anybody know yet how this effects pve enemies or bosses? i cant see much of a difference in my game yet but maybe it just takes more hits to inflict then it takes to actually kill things at this point in my game with a low frost stat.
By Anonymous
The stamina regeneration portion isn't that helpful in pre but the extra damage is good for taking out fire based enemies as they are usually weak to the status effect.
By Anonymous
Can't see it being practical for PvE tbh. Enemies pretty much have infinite stamina.
By Anonymous
Is it effective?
By Anonymous
Its so ***** hard to proc it. So no.
By Anonymous
Am I the only one who thinks Frostbite needs to be reworked?
By Brostein
Hope they add a coal that can apply frost to wapons in the next dlc....
By Anonymous
I think it should be vastly expanded!
By Anonymous
Similarly, I feel like the few weapons that apply it aren't good enough to give this very-cool status effect proper use. Also, too many strong enemies are immune
By Anonymous
This wiki should include all the weapons that inflict frostbite. And whether they inflict frostbite passively or by soul arts.
By Anonymous
you said Soul Arts and I love you for it.
By Anonymous
It'd be nice to see a sorcery that causes frostbite. It could be similar to Toxic Mist, except having it disperse around you instead of at the enemy. Just an idea.
By Anonymous
By SaliVader
Hopefully we will see some of that in the DLC's as some form of inversed pyromancy, as we got dark magic in DS1's DLC.
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