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Irithyll Rapier
With no Chloranthy Ring it takes about seven seconds to regain all my stamina at endurance 20 while frostbitten. With the Chloranthy Ring it takes about 6 seconds. With about 4 seconds with 20 endurance, the Chloranthy Ring, and no forstbitten. It does not matter what your frost resistance is frost will only do 137 damage. Frostbite need a lot more work on it to be viable to be useful in pve or pvp. I did not take into account the second or two it takes to begin your stamina regen if you over draw your stamina.
The build up goes away pretty slowly.
The actually frostbite goes away pretty fast.
This is an odd and honestly useless effect. I feel like it just does effect anything like it should.
It's weird that the Fleshbite Ring covers Poison, Bleed, Frost, and Curse, and that there are Poisonbite, Bloodbite and Cursebite Rings, but no Frostbite Ring. Especially considering that all four of the types covered by the Speckled Plate Ring have their own individual rings.

But I guess this mechanic is such trash you'd never wear a Frostbite Ring, anyway
who knows, probably upcoming DLC content where everything is frozen.
So this is basically the same thing as bleed from ds2 then?
No, Bleed's still present as a standalone in DSIII. This was does less damage, does not have a DoT follow-up, and does lower armour. Bleed iirc only did massive damage and inflicted a small DoT in DSII.
it didnt inflict any dot only 200 flat damage and reduce your movement speed/stamina regen
I was sure that frost scaled pff luck, but I was wrong. This ****ing stat is absolutely useless.
it also seems to remove (at least some of) the i-frames from rolling
Eeeverything is frozeeeen
Everything's as cold as a prisoner's meal
Eeeverything is frozeeeen
When you're from Irithyll
I was expecting cancerous cringe but that was actually pretty good
I'd like to know as Brody's has 50, and the irythrill straight sword has 35, from what I've seen from PVP against these weapons, frost pretty much can't be inflicted in PVP and I'm unsure of its nature. I was hoping for frost weapons. But not like this
I wish you could infuse weapons with frost and have it scale. Maybe frost will get a buff and have frost infusions in the DLC?
maaaan yes!