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Oh boy, oh boy
Falchion+7 with dark infusing has 159 Physical and 159 Dark attack power
They really ruined this weapon for me, i always liked the falchion in the other game's but in this one i hate it.
The heavy attack is SO SLOW its insane how slow it is, i tested it and its charged heavy attack is actually slower than an ultra great swords charged heavy attack,
I mean seriously?, Even the Dark Swords heavy attack is way faster,
Sure you could say *its only the heavy attack* but to me having no diversity in a weapon kills it,
Hate this weapon wouldn't recommend it.
The heavy attack is not slower than an ultra weapon heavy attack


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i agree, the basic attack speed is very slow and i find that i cannot get the same range of attack w this weapon as i can with other weapons... overall its a nice weapon but cannot compete with the dark sword or lothric sword, ect.
r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1,r1 YOU DEFEATED!
Insert darkmoon blade, and we're grand.
Hollow falchion+10:
Attack Power = 222
Scaling: Str = D, Dex = C Luck = ?
with 9 Str, 14 Dex, 51 Luck => +86
Damage Reduction:
Phy: 42.7
Mag: 28.5
Fire: 23.7
Lightning: 23.7
Dark: 28.5
Stability: 33
It seems like this time around, at least, as far as I can remember (I can't remember Dark Souls 2 very well though) now has a different swing than other weapons in its category. The 1-handed R1 in particular's a lot looser than the tight swing and pullback of the other curved swords like scimitar or painting guardian's sword. Pretty neat.

That said, is there any reason to use the scimitar over this? I've been using the refined falchion with lightning blade and loving it, and have been wondering why anybody would use something else like the scimitar which is virtually the same weapon aside from the weight and stat requirement... unless those are the only reasons.
4 hours of farming still havent seen this weapon.
I got 2 of them while farming for the Carthus Curved/Curved Greatsword from the Abyss Watchers bonfire. I was wearing Symbol of Avarice, Gold Serpent Ring, Crystal Sage rapier in my offhand and rusted gold coins. I got 2 Falchoins, 2 Scimitars, and 1 of each of the Carthus Curved/Curved Greatsword in about half an hour doing that.
Also I've got an extra if you want to trade for one if you're on PS4 and sick of farming for it. I feel I may have just gotten lucky, but I have an extra if you're interested in trading.