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By Anonymous
I have 10 titanite slabs. Which weapons should I use this titanite for?
One of each type of weapon
By Anonymous
Lothric Knight Greatsword
Lorian's Greatsword
Dark Lothric Knight Greatsword
Great Club
Great Mace
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I just realized there are 2 entries in the wiki for this axe. The other one lacks much info, and it even has some comedic statement.
Maybe someone who's registered and all might want to remove it or merge / we
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By Anonymous
*licks tentacle* sssssssss
By Anonymous
Lovly weapon. Fast strong and a lil aoe schockwave
By Anonymous
I honestly didn't expect to use this at all, but it's become one of my primary weapons.

The roll attack specifically is a great surprise for invaders.

I switched over to the Onyx Blade, but I still come back to this when I need the extra fire damage.
By Anonymous
I remember using a weapon by the same name in DS1, my god if that isn’t a glow up
By Anonymous
Ok here me out, this thing's WA on a light armor pyro/strength build, cast ironflesh first, the animation is the same as carthus beacon and power within, just don't move so they don't see you slow walk and let them try to stagger your fake "overconfidence"