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This could be harkening back to the Old Witch's Covenant from DS1. Apparently Knight Kirk of Thorns has claimed his fair share of tongues.
Hmm...she wasn't really speechless though. Even if Engyi etc. couldn't understand her language, he still knew she was speaking. Not sure who else it could be though, Velka?
It's not velka, she exists in game
Wrong, a statue of velka exists in game, velka herself has not been seen for milenia, so who knows what could have happened to her, or if she had children that perverted what she stood for, so this may be velak after she loses her mind or something or it could be a child of velka
its used to relocate your attributes or change your appearence in the rosarie convent when u become on of her fingers..

u should have 2 by the time u reach her
Its also used to gain a ring that makes the player invisible at range
the dark wraiths outside of the Farron keep perimeter have a chance to drop these. if you collect 5 tounges you can respec up to five times per character. you can also change your gender and appearance 5 times through the same npc in the cathedral
I can confirm that the dark wraiths do drop these. Fairly often in fact.
This makes me more than happy, given that this item is required for respec AND for obtaining the equivalent of the Ring of Fog
you cant change gender in dark souls 3
With only 156ish item find it only took me about a hour to farm 10 of them, so it's not too bad, the occasion rusted coin was used too


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Don't see the point in changing gender when you can't change your characters name
Try tongue but hole haha
My favorite quote from Dark Souls :D
Are these the in-game equivalent of getting hate-mails?
They should give you something for each phantom you kill as well. That way i can keep track of the scrubs i've destroyed
If your in the sunbros covenant you wont collect the tongue.
Everyone is so hostile.

Come, take a rest at the bonfire, drink some homemade Seigbrau. Lets just enjoy this amazing game.
That's very false. Farming the wraith under the wall in the first area is more likely to give me a tongue than armor. Even as a sun bro
Jesus, people are so up their own asses about things they know nothing about.

Invading as a Sunbro will in fact not reward Pale Tongues, but Sunlight Medals, he is correct.
Thank you. Why can't we celebrate the fact that these people are into the same games as us,and enjoy dark souls.
I found it fairly pathetic I could get these faster from farming the dark wraiths rather than actually invading players.

Why? oh let's see. Hosts with terrible connections (and the peer to peer multiplayer favors host, meaning even if it looks like you hit, you didn't hit because netcode yay), people cheating with invulnerability cheats, people pulling the plug wasting my time, people running away and summoning phantoms, the inability for other Rosaria members to even help kill the host without me hitting them or them hitting me and the host having access to 2x as many estus.

At least with the mound makers I could just kill phantoms all day.
Sad violin music intensifies..
Git gud
Sounds like somebody needs to git gud, if you're a mound maker you'll find nothing but gank squads, let's see you "kill the host or 3 phantoms".
As others have said before, get good. I love getting ganked. Praise the skill
I love you have actual, legitimate issues with this game and the covanent, ones like lag and the net code, and yet everyone who's commented has told you to "git gud"


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They are also a rare drop from Darkwraiths in Farronkeep.
That escalated quickly.