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...It's the Pursuer's Greatshield. Hopefully someone notices this and puts it in the trivia.


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Why don't you?
The Pursuer was my fav enemy from Dark Souls 2 so I hope that his armor somehow made its way into this game too
Does anyone know where this beauty is located?
Cathedral of Deep. Sorry if late
I'm far more interested in the tooltip lore..
Shield is similar to The Pursuer's Shield from DS2.
Quite possibly the same shield.
A phenomenal pair for black knight glaive if you've the vitality
Am I the only that noticed that this is the Pursuer's Greatshield from Dark Souls II?
“This looks remarkably similar to the Pursuer's Greatshield.“
Did you even read the article, dip****?
I'm glad they brought back the Pursuer's Greatshield. I also noticed it bears a great similarity to the Greek Boeotian shields from the Antiquity era.
Could be the Pursuer's. The shield is just turned 90 degrees clockwise.
It is.
Description states it protects from Curse, in what way does it do this? Does it actually do that at all?
Wrong sort of "curse" my friend. ;)
It could be a metaphor that it protects you from dying and going hollow, so from the curse of undeath.
dudes who wielded that where tasked to hunt cursed undeads...that's why.



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It apparently does protect you, while you're blocking with it. I'm yet to test it myself, but some people seem to be 100% sure about it.