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By Anonymous
I met Patches at the Cathedral, he lowered the bridge with me, then I proceeded to kill deacons. Went back up to him and he wasn't there. Bought tower key from hand maid and went up the elevator and he didn't show up either. Where do I find him now? I still do not have Siegward's armor
By Anonymous
isnt he in the way to rosaria's bonfire then?
By Anonymous
patches is evil, very bad guy not like him, how dare he rob sexy siegward
By Anonymous
I don't know when they patched it, but just opening the front doors to the cathedral will spawn Patches without having to reload. As you open the door you can hear him raising the bridge if you listen carefully. I'm glad they changed this, because the old way was extremely unintuitive. It does break the logic of you 'letting him into the cathedral' with the doors, but at least it gives new players a chance to find him in a more natural way.
By Anonymous
my guy doing lapp questline is worth it, i summoned him for spear boss fight to see how powerful he is, and god damn he was godlike, massive hp and damage
By Anonymous
*Until you defeat a boss*

This is a lie; I had beaten every boss in the game, I told him about Greirat being in Lothric Castle, I travelled from Firelink to Sister Friede’s boss room & back, and he still came back safe & sound.
By Anonymous
I bet he will return in Elden Ring as a pot bro named pot-ches.
By Anonymous
Fun fact you can aggro him on the bridge to get to rosaria easily since he won't lower it.
By Anonymous
You can have patches return to the shrine after he goes off to find greiat, all you have to do is get summoned into another players world n kill a boss there n he'll spawn back
By Anonymous
This doesn't work when you've killed all bosses, just tried it. Haven't been to DLC yet tho, hopefully killing a boss there will bring him back
By Anonymous
should add this, if you kill greirat after having patches in yourt shire, but BEFORE sending him to irrithyl, he will become hostile and say "ill send you to hell!"
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