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I died by accident (falling) after getting trapped in fire-link tower and now i can't find him.
He should be upstairs to left before exiting towards the tree of giants.
Opening the Cathedral doors will triger Patches's appearance. No need to reload the area, just go the bridge after you open them.
Can anyone confirm this? Pretty sure I stopped doing the tree glitch/ buying the Tower Key before meeting Patches ruins the questline but not sure which one if any are the culprits
False I’ve done patches questline and I did both of those before even meeting Siegward
After making a bunch of characters and doing Patches' first meeting each of the different ways multiple times (posing as Siegward, and in the Firelink Shrine Tower), I'm certain it means running through the rafters of the Cathedral, not the Firelink. I've had more than one game in which I've done the Firelink rafters and still met Patches posing as Siegward, by not going to Rosaria first. Every game where I've gone across the Cathedral rafters, I also unlock Rosaria and get that bonfire, so I can't verify whether "going across the Cathedral rafters" or "opening the doors to Rosaria" is the trigger for Patches not posing as Siegward. But I'm sure about which rafters it means.
one of the most betrayal npc in the game history
I think something is not entirely correct here. Patches lowered the bridge on me, I talked to him, got the emote, even bought something from him, but after I went to the tower at the firelink shrine, he STILL trapped me.
He traps you twice you did the quest line correctly but next time read the directions before asking questions


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If you get tricked twice, first in the Cathedral and then at Firelink it is as intended, Patches questline is actually the two betrayals, first at the Cathedral and then at the Firelink Tower. The issue is that you can sequence break the first appearance if you go on top of the ledges and jump into the path that goes to Rosaria. To get the "clean" version as I call it dont ever go up, open the door and reload to meet Patches and have him trick you. Then kill the boss, go to firelink and get betrayed again. Its the most fun outcome to the quest imo.
Not seeing Siegward in Ithryll dungeon, retraced steps in Cathedral of the deep to no avail. However by going downstairs from the Key tower, got trapped and tricked . Was able to buy Siegwards armor off him and save him from the well.
I actually got the the insatiable wench audio dialogue from patches when he tricks you the first time but I would've recorded it if I had known that no one else got it.
hands down best source of rubbish



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I backstab his @$$ while fully buffed using the Dark Black Blade after he locks me in the tower, then leave his ashes in the sewers of Irithyll next to a dung pie.