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Patches will still show up if siegward dies in the demon fight. This happened in my first playthrough.
I will never get tired of killing this guy. No NG cycle feels complete without it,
If you kill Greirat, he turns hostile, telling you to rot in hell. I only know cuz I just experienced that.
how disgusting of you, you should rot in hell
But where does he go afterwards? Got the phrase but cant find him anymore.
new game plus prep = murdering everyone in the shrine :D
If you have affection for a cuck thief you are no better than him
A friend is having issues getting him to give the dialog of asking where Greirat is when he's sent to Irithyll. Any advice?
Have they killed the Pontiff?
***** went to rosaria before finding him piece o s game I hate these dumbass quests
If you have missed Patches triggers by going to far and can't get him to show up in Cathedral of the Deep, you can go back to Firelink and trigger him there... Sooooo hard to read.
*****i just killed him at the cathedral
Lmao same, I thought he killed my buddy Siegward so I let him eat steel. Oh well.
I remember triggering the specific dialogue where he asks for forgiveness IN the cathedral. Is that true or do I have a false memory of this?
Why Patches can't save Greirat without Catarina armor? Like, "Greirat must not know that I care about him, so I'll disguise myself as Onion Bro". Wtf?
Patches the Tsundere
Unbreakable refers to his facade of indifference, really his true weakness is people finding out how much he loves Greirat, it's why he killed Lorreta.
Classic Dark Souls obscure and semi-nonsensical questlines
He won't move from the cathedral, I got to Rosaria after getting through the catacombs, Siegward is alive, and I haven't released Grierat, any way to make him move?
Usually after buying Firelink tower key, (opening the back area and) going up the elevator should trigger him locking you in.
Anyone notice how he sells two shotels? Reminds me of a certain deceptive knight of favor in dark souls one