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I received "Patches Squat", as a gesture how do i get "Prostration"?
say no when patches asks for forgiveness.
Even if you have been to the Firelink Shrine Tower, Patches will still close the door when you take the elevator, after have missed him in Firelink Shrine and Cathedral of the Deep.


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The part in cathedral of the deep is really difficult, no mather how many times i tried and how different my approach was he still did not apear.
Siegward still popped up for me when i opened the shortcut.
that is patches, he stole Siegwards armour
i think becouse i killed Irina, the only npc that i needed to murder for a tower key
strange right?
and never met patches earlier ofc
i went everywhere, rosaria bonfire is on my way to boss, still can't see him anywhere
Kill the abyss watchers then he'll show up in firelink shrine. He didn't show up there for me either
Why did they rename him
In Demon's Souls he was Patches the Hyena, Dark Souls had Trusty Patches, Dark souls 2 had Mild-Mannered Pate, Bloodborne had Patches the Spider, in Armored Core he was Patch the Good luck, so naturally he has a new name for this new game.
He always had different names throughout the series


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so i bought the firelink-tower key early in the game to grab the firekeeper-soul... but no patches who trapped me at the gate there.
i wanted to get him as a merchant asap to buy some rusty coins.

i´ve started to progress further and everytime ive triggered an event, i went back to the tower to see if patches is there.
killed vordt, grotten-tree boss, demon on the bridge, abyss watchers, sage-mage, .... still no patches.

after i´ve lit the "cleansing chapel" bonfire, patches appeared at the tower.
you can even hear the "locked-door-sound" when you take the elevator to the upper platform where the firelink soul used to be.

so im pretty sure that visiting the cathedral of the deep is the trigger for patches first event.

and to find him in the well we need to pull all 3 bridges up, which is kinda strange
Unknown how i did it but he randomly appeared with no encounter. I just cleared the crystal mage boss.
Same. I just entered Cathedral of the deep (triggered second shortcut) with my second character, and Patches appeared in Firelink with his "seemingly" apologetic dialogue, when i still hadn't been tricked by him.
Also i had previously entered Firelink tower but did not see any cutscene where he could have tricked me.