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In black.
Does anyone know if it has english subtitles?
holy *****, you gotta be *****ting me ... thank you very much for the info though
only on the Xbox one Version of the game the PS4 version does not
Patches = Siegward
I don't wanna spoil what happens in the game but the original poster isn't 100% incorrect.
Please don't say stupid things.
why would they bring this bastard back
Back again, gain', gain'?


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"i think i completely skipped the trigger for patches to lower the bridge on me because i wanted to see what happens if i approched it from the other side... just made patches disappear" -vorpaltiger
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Patches the Hyena!! :)
I want to find him and kick him off a ledge or bridge as soon as possible. Especially if he wants to kill thief bro.
patches was so like-able in dark souls 1, just an annoying traitorous prankster, and now he's just a downright murderer in dark souls 3 :(
Dat mother*****er got rekt by my sword :)