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does this weapon work well with a lightning infusion for a pure faith build?
Infuse with raw and use Sunlight or Darkmoon blade
for a faith build its actually much better with a blessed infusion than a lightning infusion. Trust me.
Blessed is best. Same AR but with regen.
Depending on your SL...high SL where large amounts of points can be allocated, sharp is best. Buff the weapon with lightning blade, then use sacred oath, for lower than 170SL I’d say faith build with blessed be a great run
My main problem with people using this to low level invade at places like High Wall is that most of them got this weapon and their +3 rings and estus charges etc by using a downloaded savefile. If you're gonna twink, you should at least earn the right by actually completing NG++ at low SL.
You do not need to go to NG++ unless you want the Life Ring +3
99% of them use cheat engine
Easy strategy for low level is just get to Settlement, hollow yourself, buy the Dark Hand, fight the Dancer as that fight becomes a joke, grab some chunks/scales/twinkling in Lothric castle and parry god Gundyr if you are up to it. Then, kill Sage and talk with Gael. Complete Ashes as that is all pretty easy even at low level. Back Stab/Parry Stage 1 Friede, bleed out Ariandel while Gael distracts Friede Stage 2, And backstab Friede Stage 3. There are 3 pretty easy slabs in AoA. One from Ariandel, one from the ladder past the crabs, and one from the sane Corvian. I enjoy using the axe, but I prefer the Hollowslayer, so that tends to be my first +5. At a +5 Hollowslayer, getting to Irithyll is not a problem in the slightest. If you collect some Estus/Bone shards, you'll easily heal any damage you take while trading with the Pontiff Knights. So getting the weapon low SL isn't difficult. If you can kill Prince low SL, you can have access to Havel's +3, Cloranthy +3, Gold Serpent +3, Evil Eye +3, and Wolf Ring +3. If you are incapable of killing Prince but have been able to kill Friede, you can still get SIlver Serpent +3, Ring of Favour +3, and Steel Protection +3. Directly after Friede, you then have the capability to buy the Splitleaf GS. This isn’t great for low level for requiring around 18 STR and 16 DEX if I recall. As Deprived, you can two-hand the weapon by around level 15 if you pour all of your points into DEX and STR. I play on console so Cheat Engine isn’t an option and finding people on Xbox takes quite a bit of time. I fear a +5 HS GS with Wolf RIng +3, Favour +3, Steel Protection +3, and Cloranthy +3 much more than I fear even a +10 Blessed/Refined/Lightning Dragon Slayer Axe. The poise boost of the Wolf Ring along with the HS GS’ innate hyper armour is bloody powerful. Got a tad bit bored so I just typed this up, hope someone can use this.
To the idiot who wrote the paragraph, its not a twink build if u upgrade your weapons to +5/10 4head. Learn how matchmaking works.

@October 30 2019
once you're used to the game it takes like 30 mins to get this axe on a new game. and then for the estus and +3 rings, maybe 2hours. but yeah this weapon, raw infused and twinked, even at only +1 destroys every boss in the base game. even at SL 12, its not really hard, just be embered
Play offline
what i hate in Fromsoft games are the npc quests, and the items that u can miss, like this one, but HOW COULD YOU FU*KIN NOW that by beating Sullyvahn u would miss this. like, i have to spend so much time on the wiki instead of actually playing the game, bc i dont want to miss anything, and still managed to miss this one. this is so stupid, u always have to check that by beating a certain boss u wont f*ck up a certain quest and it kills immersion and fun. im pretty sure that if u never look at the wiki, on your first playthrough u wouldnt even be able to finish half of the npc quests. in Bloodborne it annoyed me so much, i just sent all these fu*kers to their death (Iosefka is bae)
These are the types of games that you play multiple times with different builds. Messing up quest lines is alright, you don’t have to get them right on your first playthrough, there’s always ng+. The only thing you got wrong was checking the wiki so much rather than playing blind.
the entire purpose of this game is to explore everything, and its been a well known law for ages now that beating the area boss removes npc invasion. the invasion isnt even hard to miss, if youve done the steps of course, its literally right near an undead bone shard which is by far one of the most important items in the game


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That's precisely the best thng about Souls, you can play them forever and always discover new things. Just look at your surroundings, I bet you will find something new each time, even if it's a little detail.
lol im the guy who wrote the comment. and yes i agree that its wrong to check the wiki on 1st playthrough, as it spoils the game. but i still think most fromsoft's quests are too cryptic, too easy to miss. just take the whole usurpation of fire ending, or even the access to dragon peak. the problem imo is the fact that in those quests you have to go back and forth, something you just dont do once you beat the area. and you often have zero clues about where to go.
when elden ring is out i wont check any wiki for sure. if its out one day ;')
*applies lightning resin with twink intent*


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Someone on PSN I talked to lately about Dark Souls said he has a lvl10 char that uses this weapon, he has about 1200 HP embered and can use this weapon, he also said if I make such a char everyone will hate me.
Well, he aint wrong.
I use this with gold pine resine on my sl5 build,and it's a monster. How are you able to use it on such a low level build? Simple,i use dex and str rings + prisoner's chain and havel's ring +3. This combination allows me to put on a mix of morne's and lapp's armor and stay below 70% equip load.
"Simple. I mule rings like el scrubbo."
Kill yo self
Wow it's like you invented twinking to grief low level players, ur a beast
As a nibba whomst played through the game at level 20 and +2 weapon for a similar build, i resent the accusations of muling. if someone can achieve that feat, they deserve to use it.
this guy thinks he's smart when everyone does that lmao
Don't like twink builds so I'll ask: Is it bad to use this on SL 150 NG+ for fashion souls? Looks slick as hecc and I love lightning.
Not too bad with a refined build. In fact, its best physical infusion is dex strangely enough
I’m using at SL205, great weapon. 50 faith, 60 dex 60 str. Make sharp, sacred oath, lightning buff, and miracle boost ring= insane AR
Can somebody trade me this I’m in desperate need of this weapon. I’m on ps4
bruh, out of every other harder to get weapon, your asking for this? literally, just do sirris's questline and kill creighton a second time, than its your's,
Next level of lazy bastard
lol Git gud
wtf miyazaki? if this thing can be buffed and infused why not everything else that has split damage?
Drakeblood Greatsword?
Lothric Knight Greatsword.
This is THE weapon to get for your sl1 run
Nice bait.
He's right, its great. You just need the str and dex rings
its either this or the Deep Battle Axe, im currently going through my SL1 run and im aiming for this weapon but the deep battle axe is alot easier to use because you dont need to be at the end of the game to use the weapon properly by getting the hunters ring. Deep Battle Axe is at the beginning and can probably clean house until late game where lightning becomes what you want, and you get the rings you need to use the Dragonslayer Axe