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ez mode
When you reinforce this to plus 10 and then use lighting blade it slays anybody in three to four hits who are weak to lighting.
2018 and still the twinkiest thing in town <3
Dark Hand says hello
You'd say it..."waves by"?
What elemental gem would be best for this? I was thinking chaos because its a 3 way split but the i saw that a regular fire gem output more damage, does it depend on stats and scaling or should i just go with the fire gem
depending on your build i would just do sharp, heavy, or refined and buff it with lightning. if i was going to infuse it elementally i would do lightning to stay away from so much split damage. if you fought midir, or another boss with fire resistance, the weapons damage would be cut in half. an axe prolly isnt the best weapon against midir anyway though.



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To anon it is best infused with lightning if you are a faith build or heavy if you are strength. And to the anon below it is actually amazing against Midir or any other enemies weak to lightning.
Raw is the way to go, 483 of two way split for 18str/12dex is insane, you can drop other points on faith(60fth sunlight blade, hmmm) or just vig/vit/end and use a golden resin.
Skilled invaders use other weapons. People with Zero skill and no confidence use this in low level pvp
That's not fear I smell, is it?
or they use it because it's pretty dang good
Is someone triggered they died to this?
it doesn't even make sense, skilled or not you can use anything you like to invade you moron
You triggered the twinks lol.
Someone got the Axe to give ? Just killed Sully like a moron... again...
I just tried it with a dark infusion against the dancer. Damage output was great and I ‘m planning on using it instead of the Exile Greatsword on my next boss fight.
could be wrong but isnt that 3 way spit dmg... thats not good
ps, the reason the dmg was good for danser is because it has weaknesses to dark AND lightning i believe
Twink invader's number 1 choice as they have no skill. WAAAH WAAH invaders are at an disadvantage. Meanwhile in reality has endless hacked/duped Siegebraus, 7x +10 Estus and all the end-game über rings and weapons. Not to mention all the help from the NPC enemies. WAAAH WAAAAAAH but the invadee can endlessly summon new phantoms. True, if you are bad enough to let them.
True but you can just kill dancer early, get all the chunks, kill oceiros and gundyr, bam a free slab and then just upgrade a weapon to +10 and no invaders
Twinks have skill. They have endgame gear at low levels. That's not exactly an easy feat.
so we dont have any skill beacuse we like to have some advantages at invading gank spanks right? oh and we dont even have skill by going trought the whole game with a +4 +3 or a +5 weapon... right? oh yeah we dont have any skill beacuse we have some nice advantages against you and your *****ing gank squads oh sorry... did i ruined the day for you and your 9 year old friends who like to 4v1 invaders with all the advantages r1 spamming so they think they have some skill? oh yeah this is dark souls 3... only host is alowed to have all the advantages and fun, ¨sorry¨ for ruining your day little girl lol. btw we dont like to kill alone hosts at sl 20 - 35 since we are searching for a 4v1 for some fun and challenge and yes we like sl 125 meta kiddo.
Cry moar
To the 9 May annon: Git gud mate. Don't cry about gank spanks when invading low level zones. You deserve it. And to this point literaly every single twink I saw tried to kill me even when i was alone and i had a started character. So stop whining, "little girl".
Is it still considered twinking if I have no friends so I ended up doing an sl13 run all the way up to the Champ gundyr?
its only twinking if you then go back to the early areas and invade people with your busted gear
Its only twinking If you got It by trade,If you went there and got It yourself,Its fine
Since nobody mentioned it, this is by far the best weapon on SL1 for the insane damage when Raw and +10. You need both hunter's ring and knight's ring to be able to use it, but it provides damage that is well worth it on a SL1 run, including it's ability to be buffed.