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It should also be mentioned here that Vitality reduces fall damage as well. Even more so then DEX after certain level, its also quite noticable.
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Vitality is a fabulous stat. People are always talking about their health bar and enemy ar, but I find it more helpful to think in terms of your TOTAL health pool, which is your health bar and all heals. Heavy armor helps soak damage. IE it has high absorption, which tremendously lessens the impact on your total health pool. Ergo, if you take five hits to die with a light set but take seven to die with a heavy set, so long as you manage your heals properly, you are allowed 30 more mistakes in the heavy set than the light set before you see that loading screen. And this doesn’t get into the joy of poise.
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Imagine being tanky in a bloodbornish combat system.

Really, what were they thinking about? They already made stacking pieces of armor and heavier armor completely useless thanks to diminishing returns, you are FORCED to avoid damage. Why even bother with a stat that lets you get mid or heavy armor when being almost naked is better for the 80% of the game?
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Because sometimes it's good to have both.
A reasonable roll plus equipment that is more forgiving when you screw up the roll.
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The trick is to be tanky without sacrificing mobility. And you do that by levelling VIT in order to be able to wear medium-heavy armor, greatshield, a big weapon (or many small ones) and still be able to maintain medium roll.

I suppose you could go all-in on offensive stats and try to kill everything fast, that works too, but that kind of glass-cannon build isn't to everyone's taste.
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Because the cool looking armor is heavy
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Because Fashion Souls is the name of the game
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One of the best stats in late game PVP if you actually got gud and know what you are doing with poise.
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I don't care how good or **** the armor is. My mother****er is gonna look swank even if I have to genocide Lothric for my sick threads and plates and over levelling won't stop me.
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Man, Endurance increasing equip load was so much better, why did they ruin it with this stupid ****
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Armor has such a small effect that this stat is only ever worth levelling up if you can't midroll with your chosen weapon.
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Is this table right?

I went from 25 to 27, and gained 2 points in all 4 resistances (1 point each per level).

Chart above says 25 to 30 is 1 point poison only...
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Soul Level affects posion resistance too, they didn't take this into account, the chart is wrong.
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Dump stat lol
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Say that to mid Rolling Havel
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(confused 99 luck noises)