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Do you get the health regen if infused on a shield? Deos it stack with infused weapons?
Yes and yes
Running a Sorc mid-game right now (first playthrough) with STR = 10 and FTH = 7: 1. Infusing a simple club with a Blessed Gem makes the Catacombs of Carthus less tiresome. Even those fast bleed inducing ones go down (shattered) when hit and one can just keep pounding on them. Not much damage per strike, of course, but it is cathartic and effective none-the-less. Figured this build/playthrough would never use a Blessed infusion on a primary weapon, so a niche choice like this has worked nicely. 2. It seems that the Blessed infusion on a shield - specifically the Red & White Shield - requires the shield to be wielded to gain the HP regen, not simply in one of the three equipment slots. Beg pardon if that was generally understood.
i like the way in the description of which enemy drops it says possible , not even a proof , only possible... on a 3 years old game , we can clearly deduce the ones listed as possible don’t drop it ... personally , the only one I got is from 20 hours of farming the winged knight in high wall of lothric , I was farming his halberd to make a beyblade character , and I got a blessed gem after about 12 hours , so , i’m guessing it has a 0.5% drop chance , if you want my advice , search where you have an actual drop like on the top of the cathedral of the deep , also I reccomend using as less as possible blessed weapon since there are few ones to get
You can get one without having to farm anything in the cathedral of the deep my dude
waaaaah why is my free fan run dark souls wiki not written perfectly how dare these normal human beings run a wiki and not write everything to my perfect standards
You can farm it at top of grand achives from the golden winged knights
Lothric Ultra Greatsword right hand + Dragonslayer's Axe as backup + Drakeblood Sword in lefthand which adds Fashion points when shealthed on your back + Sun Princess Ring = My Fav build ever
I've noticed that many infusable weapons that also have connections to a specific group of enemies do particularly well with gems that reference said groups. (i.e. Lothric Knight weapons doing well with Refined infusions and Carthus weapons doing well with Sharp infusions.) In the case of Winged Knights though their weapons do pretty terrible damage with their associated gem which is the Blessed Gem. This is especially disappointing if you want to do accurate roleplay or even just want it for the sake of being cool and interesting. Blessed infusion is a tragedy in this game and using beyond a very select few weapons and off hand items is a bad idea.
Blessed Gem does not stop reanimation Source:
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Aight no links, but it doesnt stop reanimation
It does. Ran through Catacombs with blessed Drang Hammers.
in coop it doesn't work.
Lothric castle Lothric priest drop rate is maybe 1 in 200 @ 250 item discovery
I just had a Blessed Gem drop from one of the two Cathedral Evangelists just before Flynn's Ring in the Undead Settlement. The Cathedral Evangelist page mentions this as a possible drop, but the Blessed Gem Page here does not list this at all. Someone may want to update the page to reflect this.
Effect does not work in coop. Skeletons still reanimate.