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Can some edit this and put this in a trivia section. But the symbol resembles a skewed papal cross. Obviously. But also resembles the the Cross from I, Frankenstein. Which represent the gargoyles
So offering pale tongues for respec doesn't progress covenant status?


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nope, respects/rebirths are a bonus from the covenant, you still have to offer the tongues to progress it.
Catacombs are definetly a hot spot to invade with so many beggars "looking to farm shackles". Give em what they're asking for.
I changed some stats to 40 strength and now I can’t carry cathedral Greatsword what do I do???
use the zweihander or put more points in vit
change all your points into STR, dex ***
Best spot to farm pale tongues (and Wolf's Blood Swordgrass, both of which you'll need if you want the All Rings and All Spells achievements)? Outside Farron Keep perimeter bonfire. But *how* to run the loop? One way which makes things easier, especially if you don't want to deal with two full-health Darkwraiths at once: after exiting FKP bonfire, stay right. Youll find a sleeping Elder Ghru - kill it: a one or two hit weapon is actually faster than a backstab, but to each their own. Proceed forward on the right until the Poison Ghru pops out. Kill him too - the others shouldn't spot you. Go to the top of the little hill the Poison Ghru was in front of and take out the Shield Ghru. Over in the corner, between the wall of the Abyss Watcher's arena and the rocks, is another Poison Ghru. Kill him too. By the time you finish off this third Ghru, the darkwraiths should be mopping up the crowd of Ghru you bypassed earlier. Go back the way you came to come up behind the darkwariths. Now, just approach from behind as they wander towards the sleeping Ghru, and either pick off one while the other attacks the shield Ghru, or wait until they are both distracted so you can land a blow from behind as they fight the Ghru. If you wait until they finish off the Ghru, the two wraiths will almost certainly attack you at the same time, and will chase your sorry buns all the way to the Bonfire.
Wow, basic math fail for myself. It's *four* Ghru you'll be killing while you wait for the DW's to get worn down. Only a few thousand souls, but when you're doing 50-100 runs it'll add up eventually.
I have met Rosaria and got her Fingers, but I haven't obtained the covenant. someone like me? what should I do?
sorry, I mean I haven't obtained the achievement. what can I do?
sometimes you don't get the achivements when either the game or steam is in offline mode.
I tried invading and i just can't do it. I always feel bad about ruining someones game. I don't get any enjoyment killing them. Guess you have to have a certain mindset to get enjoyment out of this. Sunbros and sentinels are just more fun to me personally.


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Think of it like you're testing them. You're keeping them on their toes, making sure they're ready to face the challenges ahead. If they can get past you, they can get past anything! And even if you're not on your A-game, you give them a free Estus refill to help them along.

Unless they stand back and let their three overpowered phantoms kill you. Then you get to laugh at how incompetent they are!
What makes you feel like that? This game was not made for boys dark souls series is all about challange also dont forget they get help always so smash asap
Right. Because joining a mafia and waiting for random ppl to pass through the alley to beat the sht out of them with no risk at all is a totally fine mindset. Go **** yourself.
Many people talk about PvP aspect on this page but nobody is gonna talk about how useless this covenant is in general?
You already get to be a red phantom once you get the Red Eye Orb from Leonhard's first quest and get the tongue rewards as is. You don't have to join the covenant to do all that re-locate stats and stuff as far as I remember. But if you have to join, it makes little difference as long as you don't turn in tongues in case you risk to ruin Sirris' quest.
Equiping the covenant only gives a new quest to Leonhard.
Honestly believe this covenant had a last minute change or something. Does it at least make it easier to invade if you wear this or not?
All the covenants are equally inconsequential in this game, so it's no surprise